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    Mishka Foreniur


    Mishka Foreniur

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 02.01.13 14:37

    (Picture to be posted)

    Name: Mishka Foreniur
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Species: Alaskan Malamute
    Home Planet: Wera
    Employment: Mishka has always dreamed of being a part of a group that keeps people safe. Having been trained in minor combat, he has the foundation to build into a great field agent for law enforcement and if Lux would have it, he would like to join their on board Patrol Unit.

    Appearance: Being a Malamute, Mishka has a very strong build; wide shoulders and taught muscles hidden under his thick black and white fur. He has a primarily white muzzle that is split down the center with black fur that comes up under his eyes and spreads up and around fluffy white ears, along with a set of while spots above his eyes to represent his brow. Due to his thick fur, Mishka isn’t super fond of clothes but to stay decent, he tends to wear sleeveless turtlenecks and lightweight jeans (though he doesn’t wear shoes unless required).


    Personality: Mishka is incredibly friendly and quite the charmer with the ladies (and even men), though he’s not one to actively pursue anyone since he’s happy just making others happy. He can be a bit clueless when it comes to being hit on so unless the words “I really like you” come out of a girl’s mouth, he’s not going to notice any sort of attraction. His own affections are freely given out to everyone he deems a good person (which is almost everyone), though if someone he cares about is threatened, he becomes violently mean and will need to be consoled in order to calm down.
    One of Mishka's best and worst qualities is his gift of gab; he can talk forever and make arrangements before the one he's talking to even know's what's happening. His overly friendly attitude comes off as a bit much to some and makes him seem a little dull in the head but in the right situations he can be quite calm and intelligent, though his need for companionship sometimes throws his calm right out of the window. He always means well and so long as his tail is up and curled then nothing bad will come of him.

    Background: Mishka was born to a quite wealthy part of Wera, always sporting nice clothes and eating the best foods, but when he was still just a pup, his family went on a trip that passed one of the… rougher sides a Wera, and he saw that not everyone lived as nice of a life as him. When he questioned his parents about it, they simply scoffed and told him not to worry about that trash, but he couldn’t. He continued to think about the “trash” his parents spoke of until his late teens when he ventured away from the comforts of his home to see what the poorer parts of Wera were like for himself. When he arrived to the area, he was horrified buy the injustices he saw, left and right. One injustice in particular shook him to the bone; a lizard child was being attacked by a group of teens for a bit of food that he had just purchased. Angered by this, Mishka grabbed one of the teens by the scruff and threw him into the streets, growling at the others to leave the child alone. The attackers scattered and Mishka was left with the little lizard, who still cowered against a brick wall. He consoled the child and as the lizard ran off, Mishka decided he wanted to protect the people of Wera who didn’t have the luxury he had as a pup. He was going to do whatever it took to get to the point where everyone on Wera could live comfortably and not in fear of being jumped, in his head he knew it was an impossible dream, but he still wanted to try.

    Likes: Pretty much everything, even though he was raised in a hoity-toity lifestyle, Mishka is incredibly fond of almost all foods and is willing to try everything once and sometimes twice if he forgets that he didn’t like it. He loves company and gets incredibly lonely when he’s left to himself, and when he’s left alone he’ll probably start singing to himself (though he’s a TERRIBLE singer). If left alone with somewhere to go, he does enjoy a good run/long walk, but again, company makes everything more enjoyable for Mishka.

    Dislikes: Mishka’s biggest dislike is rude people. So long as no one purposely tries to get under the skin of someone else, he’s fine; but rude people aren’t going to receive any niceties from this Malamute until he’s come to understand why they’re so mean.
    Another dislike of Mishka’s is incredibly loud noises; thunderstorms are not his friend and he does not enjoy them.

    Other things:
    ... He lives in cabin 11
    ... He's an incredibly fast eater whether he's in a rush or not
    ... His sexual preference is female but his sugary attitude has him come off as bisexual
    ... He'd most likely never have sex with a man, though platonic dating isn't out of the question for him
    ... Once he becomes comfortable enough with a friend, he's likely to be incredibly forward with greetings such as kisses on the cheek

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    Mishka's Timeline

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 03.01.13 6:43

    Games in order by the time they occur in Lux:

    The dog and the lamb (Diesonnenkind and MB)
    Mishka meets the Goat/Lamb Izek, the two chat over food and become friends. Day 1; afternoon.

    Welcome to LUX-interview - Page 2
    Mishka joins Zala for in interview regarding his reasoning for being on Lux. Day 1; evening.(Mishka's interview starts on page 2)

    A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)
    Some drunken ruffians cause some trouble for Mishka at the gym, here he meets Kaiden (a fellow officer) and attempts to keep it peaceful. Day 1, night

    Skyfall (Closed - Lago/Raogi & Mishka/DieSonnenKind
    Mishka gets an unexpected visit from a squirrelly acting fox in the air ducts. Day 2; early morning.

    geting aquainted (Closed: Mishka/Jalial)
    Mishka finally meets his first roommate and the pair talk of why they're here and bond. Day 2; afternoon.

    Security Officers Meeting
    The officers of Lux get aquainted, though Mishka has a bit of trouble keeping up with his more experienced comrades. Day 2, evening.

    The Old Imperial Bar (open)
    Day 2; night.

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