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    Mishka Foreniur's Games


    Mishka Foreniur's Games

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 06.01.13 12:01

    Mishka has all the attitude of a young pup but is always looking to help people out and make friends. He's a little dopey but can be serious if needed.

    -Make new friends
    -Learn new skills (especially defensive ones)
    -Keep the peace
    -Learn about and meet everyone

    1. Izek and Kaiden Link
    2. Security Officers Link
    3. Jalial Link
    4. Rejan (mainly, it's an open topic) Link

    Completed Games: (In order of completion, not timeline)
    -Zala Link
    -Izek Link
    -Lago Link

    If you'd like one of the upcoming spot just leave a reply or PM me~

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