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    geting aquainted (Closed: Mishka/Jalial)


    geting aquainted (Closed: Mishka/Jalial)

    Post by Brawl97 on 17.01.13 13:18

    location: cabin 11
    Time: 4:30 pm (day 2)
    Characters: Mishka Foreniur (DieSonnenKind) and Jalial Moorvanis (Brawl97)

    Jalial was observing the cabins appreciatively. It wasn't the most impressive place he ever slept in but it was good. He had been looking all over the place trying to find some of his cabin mates but was unsuccessful. He had spent the previous day roaming around this giant installation and subsequently getting lost. "hello anyone here" Jalial said. He eventually saw another person in the cabin, he had black and white fur. Another passanger in his cabin perhaps? or maybe they were lost. It wouldn't surprise him getting an understanding of his new surroundings had befuddled him to no end.

    Jalial decided he would try to say hello to the new person he met and get acquainted he might be repairing his injuries after all. By his appearance he was obviously a security official."hey there I'm jalial I'm one of the doctors who works on this ship. do you live here now as well?" he said with a smile, clapping him on the shoulder "whats your name?"

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    Post by DieSonnenkind on 17.01.13 13:46

    Mishka's ear flicked back when he heard a voice behind him, swiveling in such a way to see if he'd heard right. Sure enough, a hand, er... fin, clapped him on the shoulder. Mishka turned and grinned at what must have been on of his bunkmates, "It's very nice to meet you Jalial, my name's Mishka. I don't suppose you're staying in this cabin as well?"

    Glancing his new acquaintance up and down, Mishka noted his wonderfully colorful appearance and was suddenly enthralled by the breathing device the man wore to be on land. He'd never seen such a device since the part of Wera he knew didn't have any natural bodies of water. He reach out a paw to shake hands so not to be rude and flashed another toothy smile, "It's great to meet one of the doctors on board, I really hope I don't need your services but knowing my occasional clumsiness, I'm sure I will." Mishka laughed at his admittance of one of his more minor faults, with how he ran about, an injury was bound to occur for him.

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    Post by Brawl97 on 17.01.13 14:37

    Jalial smiled, he was quite pleased to see a feindly face. most werans he had met though accepting of the treatments he gave them were not so cordial as Mishka. "yes I'm here in this cabin i've been looking for other people for a long time."

    Jalial shakes the dog's hand "and It's good to meet one of the defenders of lux, I was raised under cops and I appreciate all the work you do for us." He said "dont worry if ya get hurt i'll be there to keep ya patched up." he laughed, he knew a thing or two about klutziness himself. "I would trade your clumsiness for my sense of direction any day i cant find my own ass out here." He appreciated the black and white fur of his it was quite beautiful "try not to get to messed up i wouldn't want you to ruin that healthy coat of fur you have, it is quite impressive."

    "This station is so cool, it's nice to be here, the dry land beyond my planet is strange but it's exiting to be on this grand adventure dont you agree?"

    character(s) Jalial

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    Post by DieSonnenkind on 17.01.13 14:57

    "Wonderful!" Mishka exclaimed, "I'd been hoping to find out who I'd be keeping my company with." Releasing the fish's hand Mishka moved to idly scratch his ear at the embellishment of his duties, "I'm just a rookie though, I've got a lot of training and learning to do on this trip so I can be a true defender."

    Mishka chuckled at the compliment on his fur, "Well thank you very much, I try to keep it looking nice. Pure blood Malamutes aren't too easy to come by nowadays and our fur is kind of a point of pride. Your skin is quite a site as well, or should i say scales? Either way the color Is phenominal. On Wera we don't ever see colors that bright, weather on a citizen or even the clothes!"

    Mishka knew he was rambling but he was just so excited to meet a new face, and such an Interesting face it was! He could tell Jalial and him were going to be good cabin mates.

    "Ah, yes, I think it'll be a wonderful adventure. People to meet and planets to see."

    Re: geting aquainted (Closed: Mishka/Jalial)

    Post by Brawl97 on 17.01.13 16:03

    "oh dont be modest you'll do fine you look tough" Jalial said as he jabed him in the arm. "sorry i couldnt hve been here to meet you earlier i got lost" he chuckled as he rubbed the scales on his neck.

    "you succeed at it" Jalial said "scales or skin say whatever it dosent matter all that much but thank you, pure blood angelfish are not very common where I'm from either i guess both our species are too sexy to keep to ourselves" he laughed. He certainly got a fun roommate. It was rare he got to be roomed with people he liked in school there were so many up tight people he had to hang around with

    "i do hope to find something new and exiting, its a big dangerous adventure but that is what makes it fun. What do you want to do on this trip? Looking for something special?" Jalial said "someone special?"

    character(s) Jalial

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    Post by DieSonnenkind on 17.01.13 16:34

    Mishka chuckled, "Well thanks~ And no worries, this ship is pretty big for even myself, it can be kind of hard to navigate." Moving to take a seat, Mishka made himself comfortable in one of the chairs in the living space. This guy was pretty hilarious, and nothing was better than a good laugh in Mishka's opinion. He may have been from Wera but he'd never gotten along with the stuffiness of some of the people there, his family even still called him a pup because of his seemingly childish behavior.

    Another laugh was brought up from Mishka's throat at the comment of their sexiness, "I suppose if there were many more of us both the world couldn't handle such beauty." At the next question, Mishka smiled, there sure were a lot of people curious about purpose on this ship, not that he minded, but it was nice to have people so interested in each other. "Oh I dont know about finding a special person but I guess it could always happen, especially being around so many different kinds of people from different worlds. I'm here more for myself though, I wanna train under people and devolpe my skills as a lawman. I want to be able to protect the citizens of Wera that didnt have the cushy life I had and are on the streets, it just isn't fair in my opinion and the police around there don't seem to care much..."

    A grimace crossed his face as he thought of the rough patch of Wera he stayed for a while to observe, it wasn't the most pleasant experience of his like but he didnt regret the time he spent protecting the different people and families he protected and gang fight he attempted to break up. Oh he had his fair share of scars beneath his fur, nothing fatal or to bad but enough to remember.

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    Post by Brawl97 on 17.01.13 18:25

    "True i suppose woe is ours" he said melodramatically "I guess all of the beautiful women on this ship will have to be taken care of by us" he laughed. "I can respect that." Jalial said as he spoke of his mission "another good man out to help people. Another person out to do good. it's good to have dedication like that on board, good to have ya"

    "Just imagine when ya get back home the criminals will be trying to flush bricks down the toilet when they here your comin for em.The lawman of wera bringin' justice to the streets and picking up all the ladies as ya do it." he said with a laugh.

    He extended his hand for handshake of his own " a shake for dreams then"

    character(s) Jalial

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    Post by DieSonnenkind on 17.01.13 19:24

    Mishka laughed, "I've gotten a good look at some of the ladies on board and they seem pretty capable of taking care of themselves but I suppose itd be nice havng someone special to depend on me for things."

    "And I doubt anyone's gonna have bricks of drugs on here, a little of this and that sure but bricks are normally for dealers and such." Mishka shook his head, "I'm not one for drugs myself but i really think if the people aren't causing trouble for others or harming themselves, it's to each their own I suppose."

    Extending his paw, Misha gripped Jalial's fin and gave it a hearty shake, "Indeed my friend. But I must say, you didnt tell me what your dream is."

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    Post by Brawl97 on 17.01.13 19:47

    jalial was pleased to meet Mishka it was so nice to make new friends "You and me are gonna get along great I can already tell". He was befuddled by the conclusions Mishka drew from his statement but he found it all very humorous. He couldnt help but burst out laughing

    "my dream?" he was actually a bit surprised he asked "practice medicine, keep the crew alive and well, see the stars and explore where we've never gone before but above all of course have a ton of fun with friends". That was the story jalial was always laid back, his ambitions never burned that hotly beyond the operating table. "because really what more can a doctor need"

    character(s) Jalial

    Re: geting aquainted (Closed: Mishka/Jalial)

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 18.01.13 19:02

    "Ahaha~ That's normally my line~ But I definitely agree with you on that, my friend."

    Mishka listened intently to what Jalial had to say, surprised to hear that it was such a simple thought process, but he could understand. "I suppose it's good to have such a simple dream, at least you'll definitely be able to accomplish it, I'll probably have a much tougher time with mine." A smile stayed plastered to the dog's face, "And I'm sure there'll be much fun to be had on this ship, and hopefully you and I can have some ourselves!"

    Another chuckle came up from Mishka, this conversation was quite a jovial one indeed, he thought for sure that Jalial and himself would have many more conversations such as this in the future.

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    Re: geting aquainted (Closed: Mishka/Jalial)

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