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    Zalakar Torranei


    Zalakar Torranei

    Post by Eltharrion on 13.09.12 10:53

    Name: Zalakar Torranei, nickname ”Zala”, ”Torra”, "metalface" or something similar.

    Age: 27

    Gender: male

    Species: Silver fox

    Thin, very slender bodybuild. Around 176 tall. Has a bit narrow head and his muzzle is rather short. Has metallic-gray fur, with a slight hint of white in it. Ears are very large compared to body, have small fur tufts at their ends and tend to move sligthly quite often when listening. Tail is very long and luffy, tip being nearly snow-white but it turns much darker silver fast. Left eye is clear-bright blue, while right is pitch-black and has red ring as iris. Clearly an implant. Also the right side of his face and muzzle is an implant, more of black than metallic-colored face-build made out of crystallic metal. But his right arm is usually the most visible one: It reminds one more of a paw than a hand, is covered completely in snow-white slender fur and has quite long claws. The implant starts from the elbow, and the arm itself reaches to middle-shin. The palm is bigger than a person's head, and Zala could grab a person from waist easily with this arm. In general, it looks like three or four sizes too big compared to rest of his body.
    Usually wears a dark-grey or black sleeveless jumpsuit and a long white labcoat. Coat's right sleeve is cut from its elbow, though.

    Home planet: Wera

    Profession/job: Sociologist, trustee and psychologist. Main ocupation is the leadership of experimental teleportation system device team.

    Impossible to write down (read below). Mostly Zala has some open-minded and social habbits, and usually his bad habit of physically touching people never disappears. Never really states that he is around, he just jumps into conversation (read below why this is REALLY bad habit). Tends to react to your emotions even if you hide them, and scolds people for not being truthful about their feelings.
    Fears loud noises and flashes, sudden falls and heavy shaking.

    Zalakar's life began on Wera, and oh boy was it boring. Dulfull, nearly killing kind of boring. Completely normal young man's life. Nothing really happened to his mind, everyone around was so easily readable and nothing came as surprise. Zala had an extremely good talent for reading people and their emotions, thoughts and situation from their body language, voices and facial expressions. And thus, being around his friends was really dull. This lasted for 15 years. Long, annoying 15 years.

    Around age of 16 Zala was accepted to study sociologistical sience and psychology, and finally things started to happen. He got difficult assignments, long studies on personnel and hypothesises of certain psychic disorders. And he enjoyed this all. He abbsorbed information like a sponge, wanted to learn everything about person's psyche. This enthusiasm combined with his natural talent quickly rose him up to the top of his field.

    Only mere two years later Zala was offered a place on a research center on Illis, and he accepted it hapily. There he wrote a doctor's degree based on differences of Illian and Weran social cultures and their effects on people's psyches. This planet-crossing study raised Zala to the eyes of the sience world, where he gained multitude of offers to work in some of the most famous projects. Some whispers and rumors even claimed he had been chosen as a candinate for Indux sience nobel winner. But Zala refused from all of them. He had no interest in vast sums of money or fame. He wanted to work on something he enjoyed, something he just couldn't resist. And that project was offered to him half a year later.

    On Vulquwera, certain company began on building an experimental teleportation system for material transfer in space. Naturally, after some few successful tests, thougths about using it as a personnel transporter rose up. But there was no show about what this system would cause on living beings, both physically and mentally. Thus Zala was offered a spot in the team, to study any long-time changes that teleport would cause in their psyche. Naturally he said yes to this kind of unknown.

    Years passed, and after three long years of studying rats and turtles Zala could finally get to the main event. It was time to try transporting one of the research team members with the system, and not just across the room but over multiple kilometers. The success of this transport was a major victory to the team, and even Zala rejoiced: He'd finally get to study something. Sadly, however, after months of tests and multiple more exposures to the transport there was no sign of any changes whatsoever. Naturally this was a good thing to the team, as one more of possible dangers was crossed over, but Zala felt betrayed, and began to loose interest in the project.

    When Zala was around 24 and had completely lost all hope of the project, something terrible happened. During a routine system check and calibration, one of the main generators had a power surge and exploded. Bad thing was that Zala was rather close to it, and the impact of the explosion threw him across the room to the only spot where he shouldn't land: to the unstable, still open teleporter.

    It was a miracle Zala survived the unstable transport alive, but the effects were cruelsome: His right arm had literally vanished from elbow, half his face and his eye were lost and certain pieces from his brain had moved, basicly causing him to have state very close to a brain cancer. But these marks were still only a scratch on a surface. The most dangerous part was the loss if his material stability. It was like Zala was all the time within a teleportation system. Doctors stated that during his time in coma after the accident, he had mystically changed places within the facility and sometimes even leaving it. Also, Zala noticed certain changes in himself when he woke up: his personality altered itself all the time. He thought differently, everything was like upside-down. Had he fallen to a deep dream of finally woke up, he didn't know that. Difference was rather hard to see.

    Having your own physical body to change places with no continuum or logic in a blink of an eye would surely have driven any sane person to insanity. But Zala knew already that he had gone insane. Whenever he ”jumped”, something in his mind changed. Some personality parts drifted away, some came in place. Sometimes something changed. But right after overcoming his shock, he realized something. He could study himself, and in the end know everything about every personality possible. At that time, Zala laughed out of pure joy. Pure joy where the cruelest thing in his life had turned into greatest gift he could ever receive.

    The accident wasn't spread out to the public, and in general even revealing all about the transporter was postponed until further notice. At the same time, Zala himself retreated from the spotlight, leaving only his name in wake. Rest of the team felt pity for him, though, and began to create a stabilator for Zala's condition. This took nearly two years, and during that time Zala himself had his implants built. Sturdy enough to withstand even his sudden transfers. After nearly killing himself on Vulquwera's deathly weather conditions, team managed to finish the stabilator. It would allow Zala to control his teleportation abilities at will, but at the same time it would lock him within a certain area as leaving the effect area of device would surely kill him.

    When thinking where to settle down, information about a new colonisation ship ”Lux” came to his ears. The teleporter was thought to be used there as a material transporter, and someone from the team wass requested to supervise its use. At that time Zala volunteered to lead the team, on a condition he could also study the passengers of Lux, and that he could ad a special port for his arm-computer. This ”port” was actually the stabilator device, but Zala didn't want to tell it out loud. It could cause trouble if everything was spilled out.
    And thus Zala got aboard of Lux, with a mindset to live on it for the rest of his life. To public, he is an independent researcher and a psychologist, but truthfully he is the leader of the teleportation control team.

    Points of interest
    -Independent worker, answers indirectly to the head of medical department (NPC). Is still technically "his own boss".
    -Looking for possible mechanic/physicist to work with the teleportation device.
    -Teleportation powers.

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    Re: Zalakar Torranei

    Post by Eltharrion on 08.01.13 11:19

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