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    Complaint board (Open - Raogi / Lago)


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    Complaint board (Open - Raogi / Lago) Empty Complaint board (Open - Raogi / Lago)

    Post by Raogi 21.01.13 13:13

    A day off... or it was supposed to be so. After working so hard for everybody and missing a few birthday parties just to please the whole team, Lago's boss had promised him he would be able to have some kind of day off. A day off is a day during which you don't work. But that wasn't really the conception of his boss.

    Lago was mumbling and grousing. He was sitting on a chair, behind a counter, right in front of the entrance to the Engine Room.

    A day off...

    Reaaaaaaally ? His boss told him the job was easy, and that nobody would notice or disturb him if he wanted to take a nap or two. What job was that ? Being always busy, Lago said he didn't want anything hard or needing too much intelligence nor skills. Easy, told his boss.

    A day off...

    A whole day working at the complaint board. Receive people with a smile. Tell them the problem will be corrected as soon as possible even if not true. Making them fill out a print. Persuading them that everything would be fine and making them leave as quickly as possible.

    That was DEFINITELY not a day off.

    No civilian had come yet to him. But he smelled that today would be full of bad surprises and black ideas and really black mood.

    Lago facepalmed. He needed a really sugary hot chocolate. Right now. With candies. And pastries...

    Between light and darkness, there is no good nor evil : just you, yourself and your shadow.

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