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    Kerrfi Rhodes


    Kerrfi Rhodes

    Post by Harpsong on 08.01.13 7:36

    Name: Kerrfi Rhodes
    Age: 20 Years
    Gender: Female
    Species: Tapir (Baird's). Unlike most Tapir, Kerrfi is omnivorous.
    Home Planet: Illis
    Employment: Ensign Maintenance and Operations Engineer

    Kerrfi stands at just over 5'9", and has a wide, stocky stature. She is evidently fat, with a rounded stomach and obvious rump, and
    comparatively small chest, but under the chubby exterior lies a durable,
    tough body. Being a Tapir, she has a short, prehensile snout in place
    of a nose and upper lip that hangs down below her shallow, rounded chin,
    and her thick nose bridge sets her keen eyes wide apart on her face.
    Her short, rounded ears protrude from the mass of black, swept-back
    Dreadlocks on her head, only kept in place by a simple headband. Her fur
    is a warm brown, but is mostly covered by her utilitarian uniform,
    comprised of a jacket, tuck-ins and plated metal armor that displays
    rank and iconography. Its a rare day that Kerrfi doesn't have at least
    three different tools or parts hanging from her utility belt, and her
    pockets are stuffed with items ranging from heat-sinks and power
    couplings to packets of preserved meat or candy.

    Personality: Kerrfi is a social creature, albeit not an exceptional one. She's kind and almost maternal towards those she forges a connection with, or feels are
    vulnerable, but her patience is limited, particularly when concerning
    young children or views that conflict with her own. An unashamed
    glutton, she can easily be tempted or won over by food when it comes to
    trivial matters. However, she can also be stubborn and uncompromising
    when others might give in or adapt. Not particularly courageous, Kerrfi
    can easily be frightened, especially by her fear of deep, underwater
    spaces and large sea creatures. However, her aggressive optimism means
    that while she can easily be scared, her long-term morale is difficult
    to shake.

    Background: The child of two space-faring Tapir
    who'd decided to settle down on the watery planet of Illis, Kerrfi's
    family were the proverbial black sheep of the world; Rather than living
    deep beneath the oceans, they lived under the shadow of a bustling
    spaceport. Although she often had to travel under the waves to simply
    get by, Kerrfi was always uneasy about the deep oceans, and tales of
    colossal sea-monsters seeded a childish fear that would one day grown
    into a full-blown case of Underwater Agoraphobia. A fear like this would
    be a crushing burden to any normal inhabitant of Illis, but for Kerrfi,
    it simply taught her to stop looking down and start looking up. After
    applying to an academy on Illis and studying Astro-Engineering, Kerrfi's
    life in and around the busy space-ports gave her an edge she'd never
    dreamed of, and despite her lazy teenage tendencies, she received
    healthy pass grades in all areas, and became a qualified Engineer.
    As a woman who'd grown up on an aquatic planet with a deep-seated fear of
    deep oceans and giant monsters, it wasn't surprising that Kerrfi had
    developed a great sense of wanderlust, and when she was met with the
    opportunity to take to space and put her talents to use, she didn't need
    to be told twice...

    Extras: Kerrfi belongs to a family of four; Her biological parents and one brother, all Tapir. She prefers being planet-side to traveling in space, but she believes the voyage a necessary evil in order for her to see the wonders of the
    galaxy first-hand. Kerrfi once considered her sexual orientation to be
    straight, but after a fling with a cabin-mate, she soon realized that
    gender wasn't an issue for her. Kerrfi is situated in Cabin 12.

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