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    Jalial Moorvanis


    Jalial Moorvanis

    Post by Brawl97 on 03.01.13 13:00

    Name: Jalial Moorvanis or "Jaal"

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male,

    Species: Majestic angelfish (pictured below)

    Home planet: Illis

    Employment: Doctor

    Appearance: Jalial
    is a large muscular man. His skin color is blue, purple and orange and
    has a small fin coming from the middle of his head to the top of his
    neck. As a water creature Jalial wheres a mask that helps him breathe
    above water wearing a skin tight body suit he wore underwater overtop of
    a lab coat

    Personality: Jalial is talkative, caring and prone to the
    occasional bad joke. He is very calm and laid back in almost any
    situation and is almost never angry. He finds his work as a medical
    professional very rewarding and fun and as such is quite excitable.

    Background: Jalial was the youngest of 4 children born by a man
    named miikol and a woman named ainez. They and their parents were both
    police in the area they cities they lived in. As such their was a long
    tradition of law enforcement service and Jalial underwent many physical
    exercises as preparation for this at a young age and was expected to
    follow in those footsteps. He likely would have had he not stumbled into
    a hospital after a long day at school when he was 8. when he saw the
    tools, the skill those medical professionals had when treating the sick
    and the enjoyment the doctors saw in helping the sick and injured he
    couldn't resist the call of medicine, though old habits died hard and he
    would still commonly exercise as though he still wanted to be a law man
    giving him his very muscular appearance.

    His parents in the beginning were skeptical of his new found career
    decision but eventually accepted this as his life and simply said it
    wasn't so serious that their son didn't follow their lead. Jalial
    through years of study and training became a skilled surgeon. He had the
    occasional run in’s with foreign creatures who had been injured trying
    to go into a forbidden zone or some such nonsense but one day a Hentian
    had moved into his emergency room with severe injuries. Jalial knew what
    he was doing and as such patched the wolf up and within a few days was
    back up and running. The wolf told him the place where he was from could
    use a man like himself.

    Always the adventurous one Jalial told his parents that he was going
    to Lux, he said that they would need him more than his city did. He
    bought a mask to let himself breathe and communicate above water and
    went right to the ship.

    day 1:
    day 2:
    getting acquainted

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