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    "Ample" (Anitha) Anrüs


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    "Ample" (Anitha) Anrüs

    Post by MB on 23.10.12 22:51

    nimi: "Ample" (Anitha) Anrüs



    age: 26

    sexuality: bi, pref.females

    occupation: singer on various clubs

    Ample quite tall (about 190cm) which is only enhanced my her skinny and firm bodytype. A silhouette that is only broken by her protunding breasts. Ample makes a point of dressing almost exclusively in dresses as short as possible, and as expexted from a female from Henta, she favors militaristic colors and jackets with plenty of shoulderpadding even when they might clash with her fair fur. No shoes are used, as her leg structure doesn't quite work with them.

    Along with her other visual aspects, Ample does have a pleasant face. It's a bit too childlike in her own standards, but this is something she tries, and often succeeds, to cover with makeup. She also has short, white hair to frame her face.


    Ample is a lady who likes to keep her hooves on the ground. A woman who knows what she wants and does her all to get it. She may be overprotective of those close to her which appears the most on her and Izek's relationship. Ample considers herself to be loyal and generous to her friends. She acts friendly to strangers, but keeps her barriers up, just in case.

    Ample doesn't laugh often, which is a shame as she actually has a very pleasant laugh. Generally she just smiles and tilts her head instead. She doesn't do love or crushes, but is easily interested and enjoys long conversations. Her skills as a discussing partner and especially as a listener are excellent, which makes her proximity feel easy and safe. This is only strenghtened by the fact that she usually doesn't expect much of people, but is grateful and content with whatever she might get.

    Ample and sex:
    Sex and relationships are a things that Ample looks from a practical approach - there is some or there are none. Usually she has somesort of a thing going on, and she seeks company that she feels to be of "equal value" (not necessarily in a physical sense). Closeness isn't a necessity after the act and she isn't the cuddly type anyway.

    Family: Ample feels that her current family includes only herself and her little brother, Izek.

    History: Ample spent a happy-ish childhood with her mother, Maryan and her brother, Izek. Izek's father moved away when the kids were little, and Ample doesn't remember her own at all. They moved alot before settling in, but eventually they made their home in one of Margas' larger underground cities. The area they were forced to choose, however, wasn't the best. Overpopulation and criminality were the norm. Maryan and the rest of the soldiers kept things under control, but occasionally accidents happened. It was no big deal for those who weren't involved - failed military activities sometimes happened. It was common enough not to cause panic or shock. One day there was an accident with Maryan's group. Ample never found out what exacly happened, but the word on the street was that one of the soldiers had just flipped and started firing on friendlies. The files on the case weren't published.

    Maryan was dead.

    A mother's death cuts deep for everyone, but especially so with Ample - as she ended up as a guardian of a teenager.

    The next years changed a lot.

    They had to move out of and sell their mother's house and move to a smaller, cheaper house in a worse area. Ample had to stop her studies and start working, and when she noticed that she could have a job as an office worker and make gigs as a singer for extra money, she went for it. They needed the money, and while this was a good solution money-wise it dodn't work out well for Ample's brother.

    One night Ample woke up finding Izek sitting on a sofa, crying. Something horrible had happened. Something that was more important than money was going on, and that was the first night in years that Ample skipped work.

    Eventually Ample found out what had happened and they decided to start a new life somewhere else. To be better people. To forget the difficulties of Margas and just be happy.

    The next weeks were a buzz of things - they made sure to sever most of the ties they had in town. Izek saw a psychiatrist, and Ample made sure that critical details wouldn't be found out by "backroom persuation".

    A new place, a new chance.

    ...smiles, but not happily
    ...protects her family
    ...lover cherries
    ...is ready to try things out
    ...goes for open realtionships
    ...lives with her brother

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