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    Izek Anrüs


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    Izek Anrüs

    Post by MB on 13.09.12 11:23

    Name:Izek Anrüs




    Sexuality: Gay, but pretends to be straight/bi because is afraid of his sister's response

    Job: Bartender, but is able to work as a waiter/barista as well

    Cabin: 1

    Description: Izek is shorter than his sister. He's about 175cm (5' 8.9) tall and still growing. He's been evaluated to stop growing at about 190cm (6' 2), but no one can be sure about it because of their different fathers. Izek is muscular mostly at his upper body and has a boxer-like musculature. He has, however, got a small layer of fat on top of his muscles, so he's not overly defined. Izek's facial features are very similar to his sister's - a slightly childlike, rounded face. Izek's eyes are, however, a bit more prone to smile than his sister's and reveal his feelings way more often. Izek has short, naturally curly hair that have been dyed to a darker shade of brown. He doesn't put too much though to the way he dresses, generally sporting black/cargo pants and a sleeveless top. If it's chilly, he has a hoodie. A black one. His bag is always the same - old military model, left for him by his mother.

    Personality: Izek is a relatively intelligent and quick man. He seems like a person that doesn't ask for nothing and doesn't spread other people's business around. A good trait if you do happen to be a bartender. On his work hours he socializes a great deal with clients, but "offduty" he's more quiet - as if he'd be holding something back.

    Izek's pretty positive about new people, especially during his work hours. He feels more comfortable around people who are slightly tipsy or even drunk, even when not drinking himself. Out of job he doesn't open up that easily, but does let new people in his life occasionally.
    When making new acquaintances he tend to laugh a lot.

    Dating is something that he says to approach neutrally, but the reality is that he's really looking for "The One". He tries to focus on meeting a lot of different people (and even females, just to show up his sister). He's not someone to easily succumb to a one-night stand, but if a relaxed and experienced member of the male sex asked, it would probably be difficult to say no.

    His past is something he doesn't like discussing about and generally responds on questions about it with a shrug and a general reply of an average life, followed with a change in subject.

    Izek's family is currently formed of his sister Ample. Izek never knew his father, and his mother is dead or "stayed at Margas", as Izek will reply with an awkward, suffering smile. He doesn't want to tell anything more to a random stranger.

    History: Izek lived in one of the underground cities of Margas his whole childhood. The neighbourhood wasn't a good one - overpopulation and criminality were a common thing along the streets. He lived in a relatively good apartment with his sister Ample and their mother Maryan, until one afternoon when Izek was 15 the door was knocked by two army men who turned the kid's life upside down.

    Their mother and only guardian was dead. Dead during an army mission. A secret army mission. The men explained what could, but they couldn't spare the details.

    From that day on Ample was Izek's formal guardian and things turned worse fast - the duo even had to sell their mother's house and move into an even worse neighbourhood to survive. This was despite Ample doing her best to make enough money for herself and her brother.

    It didn't take many months for Izek to go through a harsh reaction to his sister's constant fussing. He got into a bad crowd. The actions escalated when the gang Izek was now part of did something Izek still dreams about and can never forget. He didn't tell anyone for a while, but eventually his sister found out.

    The next two weeks were the most difficult. They both had to let go of everything they had and ever could have on the planet.

    Izek did see a Psychiatrist before moving to Lux, but was deemed not to be a danger to others. The report seems a bit shady if examined thoroughly, though, as if pieces of it had been left out on purpose or edited out...

    -Izek suffers from an event from his past, and occasionally has painful flachbacks. Tries to cover this up by faking a migraine. Usually people leave him alone out of decency.
    -is afraid of blood
    -jogs every morning and is looking for new hobbies

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    Re: Izek Anrüs

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