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    Yakowai Ragezaf


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    Yakowai Ragezaf

    Post by Asji on 23.10.12 0:48

    Name: Yakowai Ragezaf
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dog, Borzoi
    Home planet: Henta
    Employment: ExoLux Pilot

    Appearance: This young borzoi male has an athletic build with decent muscles but nothing too bold. He is 189cm tall and appears quite slim. His fur is silky and slightly wavy that curls a lot at it's tips. He doesn't have much feathering on his tail nor on his hindquarters. Main color for the fur is white but there are few red patches (SEE COLOR PATTERN). If you look closely you can see that one of Yakowai's patches somewhat resembles a star. His eyes are open, gentle looking and pale brown. At the tip of Yakowai's very long aristocratic snout is a big almost black nose. His casual clothing includes a lot of star/space themed shirts along with some band shirts as well. Yakowai keeps himself warm with various leather jackets and likes to wear comfortable pants like jeans or sweatpants. He is very proud of his colorful sunglasses collection.

    Personality: Yakowai usually appears very calm. Most of the time he is also very lazy and tends to slack off from his duties when not feeling energetic. Though being lazy Yakowai definitely doesn't have an attitude as he prefers to talk things through or run away from the situation. Basically he tries to avoid fights and only uses strength as a last resort when there's no way to run. He wants to keep his personal space and doesn't like people who appear offensive. Yakowai enjoys the company of calm and positive people, preferably women. He is most comfortable around canine species and aspires to be married with one someday. If Yakowai would have to choose a group he dislikes he would say insects. He doesn't hate them but most of the time finds their looks unpleasing.

    Due to Yakowai's flying accident he is wary towards technology. Because of this cautiousness Yakowai walks whenever possible avoiding elevators and transportation of any kind. He dislikes his VeX and whenever making a purchase he checks his credit balance soon to check for errors. Least obvious way for Yakowai to show his spite for technology is to always observe with her right eye (non-implant). Most of the time Yakowai's cautiousness is under control and leans more towards simply disliking technology. He is after all quite a capable pilot which is the reason he got hired in the beginning.

    When off the clock Yakowai likes to spend time with his favorite hobby, running. He enjoys a good challenging exercise and long runs requiring stamina over speed. This is to keep him in shape not to mention meeting possible date candidates. After all Yakowai is a young and active man looking for the love of his life. That and the fact he can't live without a woman in his life. Almost Yakowai's whole life Yaxi has always taken care of him and his basic needs. So even today Yakowai can't do his own laundry nor prepare a proper meal for himself. Searching for the right gal however isn't always easy especially if you're armed too heavily. Many of Yakowai's promising companions haven't been able to handle his "gun" that measures 22cm when erected. Nonetheless Yakowai soldiers on without concerning himself with the past.

    Background: Yakowai is a pure breed borzoi born on Henta to a very elitist clan formed of only borzois. Besides his parents he had two older sisters, Yaxi and Yanaha. Yakowai doesn't remember much but his mother died when he was only two years old. Since then his sisters took care of him while his father was away. When Yakowai turned 10 he started basic military training and after five years started to specialize in air combat. He also had his first crush on a cute raccoon girl he dated, secretly of course because of his dad. While training to be a pilot Yakowai got into an accident very early in his training. The accident was caused by a technical malfunction and made Yakowai very careful towards technology. He also had to get an implant for both his left eye and arm. Luckily his father agreed to buy him expensive implants and even now their something that can't be seen as implants visually.

    Regardless of his accident Yakowai continued to become a pilot because he knew it was his talent and passion. He was an active teenager who had friends, dated and experimented with life and with options life had to offer. This lifestyle often left Yakowai's father somewhat disappointed. When Yakowai turned 20 his father had promised him to a woman inside the clan that happened to be Yakowai's friend. Both the families were excited of the engagement but Yakowai knew her fiance didn't want it. Things had already been tense between Yakowai and his father and so Yakowai left Henta and moved to Wera. His sister Yaxi followed him trying to convince him to come back.

    Few years passed when Yakowai lived on Wera with his sister until he got hired on Vulquwera as a pilot. They moved there and lived their lives like any other. Though Vulquwera had it's problems with the air quality it was still better than being on Henta living to Yakowai's father's expectations. Eventually Lux happened and Yakowai along with her sister were both hired on board.

    - Lives in cabin number 2.
    - Prefers regular beer but enjoys strong liquors as well.
    - Usually wears white, blue or green clothing.
    - Likes short haired women.
    - Consumes alcohol 2-3 times a week.

    Color pattern © Ginka

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