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    Yaxi Ragezaf


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    Yaxi Ragezaf

    Post by Asji on 18.12.12 2:46

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    Name: Yaxi Ragezaf
    Age: 37
    Gender: Female
    Species: Dog, Borzoi
    Home planet: Henta
    Employment: Security Unit

    Appearance: A tall (197cm) muscular body covered with silky and wavy fur colored in red and white. Yaxi has creamy long hair down to her lower back which she often ties back or braids. Her tail has decent amount of feathering as do her hindquarters. She has slightly too steep forehead regarding "ideal" borzoi head. Yaxi's nose is dark brown as are her eyes. She usually likes to wear loose and comfortable clothing. Woolen shirts are her favorites. When she is exercising she uses a tight top and shorts.

    Personality: Yaxi acts usually very calm and by nature tries to avoid conflict. Unlike her brother Yaxi will rise up to fight if she has to defend herself. Having to take care of her younger siblings her maternal instinct is strong and she still aspires to have a family and her own children. Even today she is very protective and motherly towards her brother Yakowai on Lux. They live in the same cabin and so she is able to keep sure he's alright all the time.

    Though she wants a family the truth is Yaxi is still a virgin. She hasn't even kissed anyone till this day. Finding a proper companion becomes even trickier because Yaxi still holds dear the values she was taught in the borzoi clan. She only wants to be with a borzoi.

    Yaxi makes sure to keep herself in shape and does a lot of boxing and other close combat activities. She likes to spend time with her friends but rarely uses any alcohol.

    Background: Yaxi was born into a elitist borzoi clan as a firstborn. She was always a joyful child and made friends. Her best friend was a male borzoi when she was only five years old. When Yaxi turned seven her parents had another child, Yanaha. Yaxi had a little sister and not long after that her basic military training started when she was only eight as her father saw potential in her. When she was 11 her family was blessed again when her parents had a boy, Yakowai. Yaxi now had two younger siblings and loving parents. Though training was hard she managed to be a happy and positive pup. However after two years from Yakowai's birth their mother passed away due to some complications in her uterus after having third child. This was a hard time to the remaining family and as the eldest sibling Yaxi was left with a huge responsibility she quickly took the motherly role in their family. Since then, the age of 13, Yaxi wanted children of her own.

    Life went on as Yaxi trained and took care of her siblings. Their father was away a lot. When she was 14 she finally specialized in close combat. This was the age when Yaxi's father decided to agree on an engagement. The engagement was to made with Yaxi and her best friend, the one she had been best friend's since childhood. Yaxi was actually really excited about this arrangement until she turned 18 and her period were yet to begin. After closer examination her uterus was diagnosed deformed and thus the engagement was called off. Yaxi was heart broken and even her father appeared disappointed in her. Yaxi wasn't a perfect borzoi so she wasn't allowed to breed inside her clan. Disappointed father refused to repair Yaxi's imperfect uterus with an expensive implant.

    Years passed and Yaxi started to train to become a trainer in basic military skills. She was 23 and her sister finally got married. Yaxi was happy for her though she hadn't been as lucky herself. She didn't really date anyone and kept herself busy with taking care of the family. She graduated to a basic military trainer and soon after got promoted to a higher rank. Her higher status gave her more respect and what most important, acceptance amongst her clan. An incident that happened to Yakowai when Yaxi was 26 years old made her even more protective when Yakowai had a flying accident in pilot training. Then Yaxi got the opportunity she had been waiting for.

    Her cousin had a pup with a greyhound that was one year old. A bastard child couldn't stay hidden forever thus Yaxi was able to adopt Rizie. Yaxi's father and clan accepted this only through pity. This happiness however didn't last for long as Rizie was lost in a fire supposedly caused by an accident. Needless to say Yaxi was crushed by this event and her protectiveness towards her siblings grew even stronger if possible. After a long time of mourning and going on with her life Yaxi started to feel normal again. She followed her little brother to Wera trying to convince him to come back. Eventually they moved to Vulquwera together where they were recruited on Lux.

    - Lives in cabin number 2.
    - Loves sweet food especially cake.
    - Dislikes smoke.

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