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    Absence Notification


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    Absence Notification  Empty Absence Notification

    Post by Ginka 27.11.12 10:21

    Going on a vacation?
    Busy week at school/work?
    Computer crashed?

    Whatever the reason please inform here if you are not able to visit the forum and answer your ongoing games. This notification should be made if you are aware of an absence that lasts at least one week.

    Absence Notification  Forumsola

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    Absence Notification  Empty Re: Absence Notification

    Post by MB 19.01.13 5:32

    I've been having internet-related issues ever since my move, and with commissions this may slow down my playing speed. I'll try to get replying at least once a week, though!


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    Absence Notification  Empty Re: Absence Notification

    Post by Raogi 23.01.13 11:11

    I'm having gastroenteritis at the moment.

    It shouldn't take more than 2 days, but I may be not on if I feel really bad. Else, I'll answer galdly.

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    Absence Notification  Empty Re: Absence Notification

    Post by Eltharrion 10.02.13 9:07

    Sadly this isn't only a notification, but an apology to people as well.

    My computer's been dying out on me for past week and half. Thus, my appearance here has been minimal. There's a high chance this thing might die off before I can get a new one, in which case I couldn't appear here at all until I got a new laptop.

    So, just saying there might be few weeks again when I don't post here.

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    Absence Notification  Empty Re: Absence Notification

    Post by Probie 19.04.13 7:51

    I will be absent from Monday the 22 to Friday the 26 April due to a vacation.

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    Absence Notification  Empty Re: Absence Notification

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