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    Aima Locke


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    Aima Locke Empty Aima Locke

    Post by Probie 09.03.13 8:23

    Name: Aima Locke

    Age: 30

    Gender: Female

    Species: Cobra / Reptile

    Home Planet: She originates from Atoka but spend most of her life traveling around before ending on Wera.

    Employment: Civilian/Artist

    Appearance: Aimas upper body is humanoid but her head is that of a snake on a long neck. She have a hood like a cobra. Her scales are deep dark blue colour. Her body is slim and her movements are graceful. As a snake, Aima have poison sacks connected with her teeth.
    She wears a long skirt and a thick grey t-shirt. At her side she carries a small pouch with several syringes with antidote to her poison. On her left shoulder her tribes symbol are is branded onto her scaly skin in strong green (Link). She have strong arms and her fingers end up in claws she have grinded down to harmless nails. Her legs are slender and her feet looks like a reptilians.
    The only mark age have made on her is an tired expression in her otherwise green eyes.

    Personality: At first glance Aima appears to be an happy and careless women. She always smile to people and are always open and friendly. But under her friendly behaviour waits an primal instinct to kill. Through intense training in her past she have gotten almost complete control over her instincts. She loves to hang around others and will always help her friends whenever she have the chance. In a way she hopes to build a new life here on Lux.

    Background: Aima comes from Atoka. Before she could remember she was adopted by a person who called himself Mr Jones. Her tribe was known for being a group of merciless warriors. Her childhood was spend on learning the art of killing without leaving a trail. Mr Jones was her “manager” and send her out on the jobs. She was trained to kill with cold blood and to help cope with it she drew.
    This career brought her around the Galaxy and was well paid. Mr Jones only choose jobs for her he knew she could manage and he got her out of trouble a few times.
    At her 30th birthday she received a message from Mr Jones. She meet up with him but was not prepared for what he told her. He set her free from their contract. With this she swore to start a new life. She collected the tools from her old job and got rid of them.
    She spend the next few month in the company of the high class of Wera. But she slowly realised she didn't belong there and she didn't belong in her tribe on Atoka either. She finally saw a new chance for a fresh start: Lux.

    Other things: Aima is a vegetarian.

    She lives in cabin number 7.

    She loves to draw and uses every opportunity she have to paint a new motive.

    Her secret shame is that she loves to curl up with a comic and a cup of hot chocolate.

    Normally she do not have her hood out but if she is startled or angry it flares out.

    She rely on her sight and hearing but have a keen smell she draws upon when the others fail.

    Her poison slows and momentarily paralyses the victim but her blood can be distilled into an antidote which must be injected as close to the bite as possible.

    Deep within Aimas closet there is an old wooden box. within the box a dagger lays. The blade is a fang and her tribes symbol is carved into its side.

    In her old “trade” she was known as Serpent.

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