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    Food and edibles


    Food and edibles

    Post by Eltharrion on 19.01.13 7:56

    Now, this little line here made me realize something:

    django wrote:*What ever is the closest thing to a cow in this world setting.

    Now, even if there are anthros runnning around, all the normal animals are around as well. Though, naturally their amount in food products has decresed tremendously, due to simple fact:
    You need 4-10 kg of grass to grow one or two kilos of meat.
    Thus, majority of food is vegetarian-based as population has skyrocketed and need of food has increased. But at the same time, we must remember that in this age and stage of technology, food altering is rather simple thing. So, majority of food is made from overall biomass made from things like soy beans and corn, which is then altered in structure and flavor. Final product will be something very close to meat in meaning of look, taste, feel, nutrients and cooking, but it's not real meat.

    Of course, there are some "retro" foodstores that sell you actual meat and hand-picked vegetables, but these would cost tremendous amounts of money. Plus, growing such food would require a planetary conditions, something LUX can't offer.

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