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    Django - not a bounty hunter


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    Django - not a bounty hunter

    Post by Django on 05.01.13 2:02

    Hi guys glad to be here.

    I like post by post rpgs among other role play stuff as well as other Rpgs.

    Fav books are fantasy and westerns.

    My rp style depends on what I'm doing. If I'm Gm-ing I like to give all my players chance to do something, if the group is big it might take 2 to 4 four paragraphs to get the job done. I don't like to leave somebody out of the loop.

    If I'm just a player I tend to be shorter, any where from a paragraph or three, or somewhere in the middle.

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    Re: Django - not a bounty hunter

    Post by MB on 05.01.13 3:06

    Oh, hello and welcome to Lux! Feel free to broswe the characters and the game planning topics to see people and characters availabe for a game, and take part in the random chat as well. I bet a lot of people here would like to get to know you.

    And, of course, feel free to start playing! You can either make a game planning topic, search for someone else's game planning topic or just start an open game. :3

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