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    MB - staff member intro


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    MB - staff member intro

    Post by MB on 15.12.12 12:55

    I've been and are known by many different names in the dark corners of the internet, but here... I'm MB. Please use that.

    I'm a staff member, and mostly take interest in visuals.

    I'm female, born in 1992 and take recidence in Finland.

    My gaming preferences include a variety of genres and I'm willing to make compromises. My preferred post lenght is 5+ sentences, and I want to play with fluent English-writers (not necessarily writers). I might even make pictures of particularily interesting situations or characters.

    Pace-wise, I prefer to take my time and while I may be able to respond several times a day it can occasionally take up to a week due to commissions and real life. Because of this I'm limiting my overall games to three at once.

    Current characters:
    Alex Zanyev - female/27/Bee
    Izek Anrüs - male/18/ Lamb/Goat mix
    Syla Radyr - female/25/Tiger

      Current date/time is 19.01.19 16:25