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    Volod Stasilen


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    Volod Stasilen

    Post by JA25 on 18.09.12 12:03

    Name: Volod Stasilen
    Nickname: "Volod" "Stasi" "Stripy"
    Age: 22
    Sex: Male
    Species: Striped Hyena
    Home planet: Margas
    Occupation: Technician/Mechanic/Handyman

    Volod Stasilen, how should he be described. Average height with a slightly lean build. Strong arms and muscular structure reminiscent of communist propaganda. If one would look at him upside down with crossed eyes, he could be mistaken for an athlete. His nickname as "Stripy" is indicative for he has stripes covering his body. Even in his face. He has self-luminescent yellow eys which spread around curious looks, that someone could find slightly distubring. His long ears are often perked high, which indicates his high level of common alertness. He is missing his right ring finger. His clothing is based on usefulness. His left arm is often wrapped in a fibermetal cloth that protects the lefthanded Stasi from minor burns to thermal plasmasurges. Regularly seen wearing a maroon sleevles shirt (He is quite fond of his striped fur.) and black cargo-type pants, which strongly resemble a giant's parachute with a ka-dzjillion (Yes, you read correctly.) pockets for different less-or-more useful items. He dislikes hats because he has quite long ears.


    Volod is annoyingly social. Therefore he spends nearly all of his scarce free time on the ships social areas, laughing, drinking and flirting with any and every representative of each gender. His general behaviour somewhat resembles a stand-up comedian who has lovered himself down from the stage to mingle with ordinary mortals. On broader terms, he is happy and positive. His gleaming personality can cheer up many depressed souls and he often practically radiates happiness to everyone who is willing and unwilling to take it.

    Sometimes Volod turns serious. The philosopher inside him takes control. He will think'n'talk deep. Most consider his ground-level philosophies to be humorous, although full of "cosmical understandtment". After the mysterious and philosophical moment has passed, Stasi will often perk up because of his own findings and buy everyone nearby a drink. In other words, behind all the lighthearted happiness and cheer, lies a sharp mind, constantly at work. Volod's intellectual capacity is remarkably high in the spatial and kinetic-cognitive areas, even up to record levels. Truth be told, he is actually a multitalented genius.

    Past life:
    Born on Margas, raised on Margas. Used to travel between planets with his merchant father, and is therefore familiar with space-travel. His natural aptitude for machinery and mechanics was discovered early. Among other things, he built himself a computer at the age of 8. His considerable intelligence was also noticed. Therefore, the talented boy was put to work as a mechanic at one of Margas' many mines. When he was nearly 18, his parents and his two sisters died in an earthquake. He himself got trapped in a collapsed mine, only to be saved after six days of living on condensation. After he recuperated, he stayed temporarily in an another mine, just long enough for him to make enough money to enlist on Lux.

    On a side note, during that time, he featured in a mysterious and unbelievably improbable accident which involved a fusion powered mine-cart, plasma cutters, a light lunch and Volod's ring finger. Ask on your own precaution...

    Well, here we are, a new glorious life awaits...

    ...puts salt in his ice-cream.
    ...knows the ship inside-out.
    ...parties a bit too hardy.
    ...recuperates from said partying with relative ease.
    ...wants to spread goodwill and love among all living things..

    Volod often slips into his ridiculously rare eastern Margas dialect, which resembles real-life Russian. The translation devices onboard do not recognize this language.

    Thanks to heavy drinking in the mines as a youngster, Stasi is quite impervious to alcohol. He does get tipsy, and eventually drunk, but he remains functional for a while longer than others.


    Day 1
    21:00 Hyena meets Tiger

    I am an alchemist. You are not. Neener neener.

    Volod Stasilen
    Rawk Heuressein

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