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    Twitcher Willkins


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    Twitcher Willkins

    Post by Probie on 18.02.13 21:52

    Name: Twitcher Willkins (or just Twitch)

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Species: Rat

    Homeplanet: Wera

    Employment: Mechanic/engineer/the one who gets the jobs involving small spaces

    Appearance: Twitcher I rather thin and scrawny. His bone structure allows him the same flexibility as a rat would have. His fur is a dull grey color but very smooth. His whiskers are around one foot and his eyes are blue but takes on a crimson sheen in the night. He have a elegant way of moving. His tail is long and able to handle tools but not with the same accuracy as if he had used his hands.
    He wears black pants and a stripped slightly dark blue open shirt and a white t-shirt under. He wears a fedora and a set of welding goggles around his neck. With him he have a bag strapped around his shoulder with a variety of tools.

    Personality: Twitcher is not a very social being. He likes hanging out with friends but he always chooses work as the more important thing. As a self proclaimed pacifist he prefers to avoid conflicts whenever he can. He is proud of his work and will do it over if it doesn't live up to his expectations. He enjoys a challenge in his work. Unlike others who have problems with small rooms and tight spaces, Twitcher have no problems with them. Because of the size of his family he tend to zone out while thinking over problems.

    Background: Often in large groups of children there is a runt everybody looks down upon. Twitcher wasn't it. On the other side he wasn't “pack leader” either.
    He grew up in a large family. Both his parents, his grandparents and his aunt and uncle lived under one roof . This resulted in a large group of under-stimulated children.
    Twitcher rarely was the source of chaos or destruction, he was simply just part of the it, except for the habit he had. He always stayed behind to look at the technology the others might have broken or just damaged.
    As they grew older the “pack” slowly dissolved as they follow their own future. Twitcher left the house to fight his way through an unforgiving education before ending up as unemployed. He survived the day to day life by repairing things. When he heard about Lux he saw a new opportunity to get some real work done.

    ...enjoys climbing.
    ...have a fine taste in cheese.
    ...prefers to read in secluded and hard to reach places.
    ...moves silently by pure reflex.
    ...lives in cabin 5.

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