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    Wor'r Dangar


    Wor'r Dangar

    Post by Ginka on 17.09.12 1:37

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    Name: Wor´r Danqar
    Call sign: Commander Danqar, commander
    Age: 43
    Gender: male
    Species: Komodo dragon
    Home planet: Henta
    Profession: Security unit, military education
    Status: Highest ranking officer on Lux and captain of the ship.

    As a komodo dragon, Wor'r's eyes are on the sides of his head, mouth is full of sharp long teeth and whole head is attached to body with almost no visible neck. Lean and slightly muscular body is followed with a long sturdy tail behind him.
    Wor keeps his claws sharp all the time due to constant growing, while his scales are quite tough and could act almost as a natural armor of sorts. His base color is near-black bluish, which is colored by slightly lighter red areas in his sides, base of tail and back. Eyes are red-brown. Hair Wor has never grown to begin with, which brings out his sand-colored eyebrows quite clearly.
    Never really wearing anything but his uniform which tells his rank with a glance. Only change in this might be his medals of honor or possible military gear he carries over it if situation so demands.

    One big thug in the end. Even if Wor'r wouldn't be the commander of the ship, he'd still make others respect him one way or another. Standard compassion seems to be missing from him somehow. Even doctors were wondering whether he was fit as the commander of LUX, but Wor'r's training, rank and honors spoke for him. On other hand, his ruthless logical leading and unwavering attitude can keep the ship under control.
    Wor'r is grave, angry or judging nearly all the time. People whisper around that he hasn't smiled for over a decade. Whenever placed to make a decision, he will decide for the best of the ship and the mission. Hasn't even looked at women of the ship due to family waiting back home. Only way to make him really leash out emotionally at you, however, would require you to insult him (in other words, his clan) greatly. Other way is to completely ignore his orders, though one's own hide would be in danger after that.

    High status of society wasn't always granted for Wor'r. In fact, he was born into a very small clan that was just formed in an aftermath of a larger clan splitting up. His growing up was harsh, as one would expect from Hentan military training and parents. Wor'r has always felt he belongs to any place where he is, so when he rolled up into military academy, it didn't take long for his talents to shine. by the age of 23, he was respected soldier with lots of experience under his belt, as well as power in society.
    By this time, he had met a small dwarf caiman lady Halwé, who he fell in love that instant. By trial and error, after half a year, he then managed to get her attention and love to him. She was also from a small clan, and two of them planned on to marry each other to fuse their clans together as a bit larger family.
    But, as clan's word is law, so was in this case. Wor'r's clan had negotiated with one of the large clans that their family's head daughter would marry Wor'r. This way, the clan would get into high position once more. Even if Halwé's heart was broken by this, Wor'r still followed the order of his clan, though it broke his heart completely as well to do so. In ten years, his clan was once more in the power spot of Henta. And although he had married a fabulous iguana and even had a child with her, Wor'r didn't have any time to give to this family. Instead, he concentrated completely on his work. Years went by and Wor'r gained even more status in the army and rose up in the ladder. Five years ago, he was nominated to be one of the leading officers of migration project LUX, and by the third year he was designed to be the ship's commanding officer.

    NPC guidelines:
      Only moderators and admins are allowed to use commander!
    • Unless person does something really out of ordinary, commander won't really even notice him if walks by.
    • In general doesn't react to nearly anything that much and acts cold toward everyone.
    • If he meets an experienced or higher-ranking soldier he sees as worthy, Wor'r will actually start talking about the person working directly under him.
    • Whenever gets exited, mad or otherwise emotionally charged, his gums will start bleeding.
    • As a person from Henta, Wor'r speaks in very short sentences, and as commanding officer he always speaks as the leader of the conversation and expects everyone else to follow in his ideas.

    • When visiting planets, Wor'r might resort to more force than is allowed for LUX-project.
    • Halwé comes aboard when ship re-visits Henta.
    • Wor´r takes himself a protege, a young soldier with lots of potential.
    • When possible riots or rebellions against commander's actions break out, security will be increased into warzone-like state and people are sent to cells for longer periods, even if not guilty.

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