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    Games and Encounters - Kaiden R'vani


    Games and Encounters - Kaiden R'vani

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 16.01.13 4:04


    Kaiden is a very strong willed character, who always tries to keep to his moral code and his values. However, he does have a softer side and shows it quite freely when not on duty. He also seems to be quite inexperienced with women, once those start to show an interest in him, suddenly loosing most of his "strong-willed" traits of a security officer.


    - Serve as a Security officer aboard the Lux with dignity.
    - Avoid getting into a relationship.
    - Solve a mystery of any kind, murders are fine too.
    - Have some fun, and make some friends.
    - Never break a promise.
    - Beat the crap out of some criminals... what, it's his job.

    Current games

    Moving in

    Security Officers Meeting

    A night in the gym

    Lux Interview Second Shift

    Bathing Salts

    One Awkward Breakfast

    (If you are interested in a game with Kaiden, just PM me and we can discuss it further :3 )

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    Re: Games and Encounters - Kaiden R'vani

    Post by Harpsong on 16.01.13 13:33

    I don't know about you, but at some point, Layabout Maintenance Kerrfi and Stuffy Neat-Freak Kaiden need to have a spirited debate over their shared room!

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