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    A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)


    A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 15.01.13 8:14

    Location: Gym
    Time: 10pm (2200)
    Characters: Mishka Foreniur, Izek Anrüs

    Surprisingly to him, Mishka arrived before Izek did, after his late spell to his interview with Zala, he thought for sure that the little guy would beat him here.

    Taking a look around, Mishka noted that the gym was almost empty, though it seemed there were a few others with him. He would have gladly approached them but they seemed... drunk. Well I guess if one of them tries to hurt them selves I'll help. It is kind of hazardous for them to be here, maybe I should give one of the patrolling officers a call.

    The dog pulled up his VeX and located the number, waiting for the dial to stop, he continued to watch the men as they played with some of the equipment and howl with laughter. One noticed him and shouted across the room, "WHacha lookin at PUNK."

    Mishka gave him his best smile and replied, "Nothin' guys, just trying to figure out where my friend is."

    A voice came from the VeX, "Mr. Foeniur, what seems to be the problem?"

    "Nothing crucial my dear but there are some far too drunk men in the gym right now and I feel if they stay here much longer they'll bring harm to themselves or possibly someone else, could you send down a patrolling officer to help them find a better place like the bar or there cabins?"

    "Of course Mr. Foreniur, someone will be there shortly."

    "Thank you very much, you have a good night."

    "You as well." The woman on the line disconnected the call and Mishka hoped someone would be close enough to come quickly, the men were getting much more rowdy now and he didn't want a scene to occur. Mishka sat down on a bench nearby and loaded 200 pounds to the bar, it was just enough under his bench weight to allow his mind and ears to keep busy on the men but not raise their suspicion again.

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    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by MB on 19.01.13 5:56

    Izek had actually packed up his things and been ready to go earlier than expected. He'd even carried his gear up to the small gig he got summoned abrubtly on a day that was supposed to be free. That wasn't the reason for him being late, though. This time was the fault of an especially unfortunate occurence with a drunken, very large man who Izek had attempted to help back to his cabin. This resulted in Izek arriving to the Gym doors late, panting and generally looking ever so slightly beat up.

    Ah, damn.

    Izek's VeX beeped when he entered the door to the gym - he wasn't a mamber and this particular gym didn't seem to be covered my his job perks. Ah well.

    Mishka had been pretty easy to spot in the near-empty place. As Izek approached the man, he paid a bit of notice to the others making a bit too much noise nearby but let it be - he wasn't in the mood for a fight - even a verbal one.

    "Hi there, I see you already started. Sorry for being late!"

    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 19.01.13 10:10

    Mishka had been so focused on the men on the far side of the room, as well as the weight on his arms, he hadn't even noticed Izek walk in. The goat's voice startled him into sitting up, the bar still in hand, the quick motion dissipated his focus and the weight sat on his legs. Now, while 200lbs isn't very heavy to have on ones lap, a metal bar with 200lbs on it is quite painful.

    A yelp erupted from Mishka's throat, followed by a grunt to pick up the bar and stand, hoisting the weight back on its stand. Once that was secure, he let out a breath that he didn't even realize he held and turned back to Izek with a sheepish smile.

    "I hope we can forget that just happened," he smiled much wider, "No worries about the lateness bud, you're hear is all and that's what matters. I just hope we can avoid those guys as much as possible, I did call it in though so they shouldn't be here much longer."

    Motioning to the room of equipment, Mishka laughed, "Pick your poison."


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    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by MB on 20.01.13 14:01

    Izek was taking a quick glampse of the riffraff not too far away, as his sense of self-preservation kept shouting that these types were to be kept an eye on if he wished to remain unscathed. As he did this, he heard an odd yelping sound from Miska's direction and immediately turned his eyes back to him - only to see the metal bar with a heavy load rest on his lap. Izek was about to rush in to the Malamute's help but didn't have the time to do more than recover from the shock and extend his arms before the weight was set in to its proper place.

    "Oh, that could've been bad... haven't you been taught not to weightlift by yourself?"

    The question came from his mouth with an alarming tone, and he seemed to get caught up only slightly later than he'd began talking.

    "Then again... you do seem to have a knack at knowing your limits..."

    Izek nodded a few timez quizzically and tidied up his hair and clothes from the earlier scruff. He hadn't noticed just how much damage just hauling a man back to his apartment could make. He really did look beat up - probably partially because tha man had tried to take a few swings at him. And actually connected a few times.

    Izek liked to call that luck, but in reality he was getting really rusty.

    "Don't worry - I'll try not to mention it. I'll... I'll just need to go and swap out from these to more suitable gear"

    The man pointed at a door near the entrance. The showers and the locker room. Men's.

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    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 20.01.13 14:16

    Mishka laughed, "I do know it's bad practice to weight lift alone but if I hadn't been so preoccupied, I probably wouldn't have been startled when you walked up." He noted the roughed up nature of his friend but decided not to comment on it, Izek didn't seem too frazzled by it so he shouldn't be either.

    Looking over to where he was pointing, Mishka nodded, "Yeah, go ahead and get into something more comfortable, I'll be here keeping an eye on our drunken pals over there." Mishka pointed back at the men behind him with his thumb, careful not to let them see, though with how oblivious they were to the world it was very unlikely that they would.

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    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 21.01.13 5:44

    Most of the time that evening, Kaiden has spent swimming in one of the pools within the gym, after gladly managing to find one. It was certainly his favorite way to relax, and he seemed to need to do so that day, especially after so many... events that have been happening earlier on. He swam around the pool, taking turns between making laps and simply floating above the cool water. I needed this... He thought, as he allowed his usually spinning thoughts to calm down. It was indeed very fortunate for him to have this kind of job perk. Free access to the gym? Now, that's a perk I can certainly enjoy. He thought, chuckling to himself while floating carelessly above the water.

    After many hours of swimming, the pool was about to close, which could've be seen by the diminishing number of patrons who were simply leaving. By the time it was 10pm, he was the only one using the pool, and the Swimming Guards were getting annoyed with his persistent presence. "I'm going, I'm going! Sheesh!" He said to them, as he quickly got out of the swimming pool as instructed and headed for the changing room, picking up his towel on the way there.

    He walked in slowly through the plastic flaps, while already brushing his hair with the towel as he noticed two groups of people. A fellow officer he has seen before, and his friend, talking quietly and orderly in one corner of the gym. They seemed to have been eying the other group, in the opposite corner, which behaved in a rather uncivilized manner. He started walking over to the quiet group, in an attempt to gather some information about the situation. As he did this however, one of the ruffians decided to take a go at mocking him. "'Ey, fancy-pants, nice swimming boxers! Where did 'ye get 'em, fuckin' Atoka clothes fair?" He said, as the rest of the group seemed to be cheering him and laughing at Kaiden. This response only made him smile, as he instead decided to walk over to his locker and take out two objects, his VeX and his Security Officer badge.

    It was not long before he walked over to them, with a confident step, and simply presented his badge in front of the ruffians face. "Your gym membership ID, cabin number and name, all of you." He said, with a rather stern look on his face, while holding his VeX in the other hand. He was rather well built, but not athletic, as some amount of healthy fat was covering the muscles underneath. He seemed not to be afraid of being outnumbered either, as he valiantly stood in front of them.


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    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by MB on 21.01.13 11:02

    Izek didn't turn to face the people in the direction Mishka was referring to, but responded with a nod anyway.

    "They probably do need to be looked after, sure. Make sure to contact security if something happens. And don't go doing anything rash, okay? Even a drunkard can pack a suprisingly tight punch."

    I do hope you have your VeX this time.

    Izek was about to start walking away when he froze in the middle of a wave. One of the group had started shouting again. Probably the leader, by the sound of it. Or just the most vocal. It didn't take long to determine looking at the direction was semi-safe, as the shoutout seemed to be directed at neither him or Mishka. Also... he was a tad interested in the swimming boxers.

    Things after that seemed to work quite fast as Izek didn't have much time to react. It could be because he was unaware of protocol or just the shock of the half-naked man walking straight up to the ruffians, a few of whom seemed to be quite muscular, albeit seemingly quite drunk. Izek turned right back to Mishka.

    "This isn't going to be good. He might need help if they decide to get violent. And I'd rather not get into more trouble today."

    Izek pulled himself slightly more to the shadows of a nearby pillar as he absentmindedly started pressing buttons on hix VeX. He was determined to have everything set if he needed to make a call to security.

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    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 21.01.13 11:14

    Mishka's face turned to a frown, he hadn't wanted to get involved himself but if the security that was on duty didn't show up soon, it looked like he was going to have to. Giving a small nod to Izek, he spoke, "Don't worry, they've already been called and are on their way, just to be safe, I'll go see if I can't help dissolve the situation."

    He started to walk through the equipment to reach the small gathering across the room. Putting on a quick smile, he shouted to the lion in is swim trunks, "HEEEEEY, buddy~ What are you doin' hanging around here so late?" He threw an arm around his shoulders and gave him a quick look of 'play along'. Noticing the badge in the lion's hand, Mishka's smile grew a bit, at least he could trust the guy knew what he was doing.

    Turning his attention to the drunks, Mishka laughed, "Hey guys, we're not lookin' for any trouble now, but I gotta ask, why hang around the gym? There's some dangerous equipment in here for people who aren't totally sober." The group gave him a scowling look, they didn't seem too happy about people ruining their fun.

    "Whatsh-it to you fluff ball? We're jusht havin' shum fun and yer buddy over here is tryin' to get ush arrested fer no reason."

    Mishka mocked surprise and turned to the lion, "Noooo, this guy? He wouldn't do something like that! I'm sure you guys are being as safe as can be in here. What do you say bud, let the guys have their fun." Mishka gave a firm pat the guy's back, hoping he didn't say anything that could start a fight. Mishka may have wanted a work out tonight, but a fight certainly wasn't how he wanted to go about it.

    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 27.01.13 17:49

    Kaiden noticed the 'play along' look, but the previously heard insult was much more distracting for him to even pay enough attention to it, as he was standing facing the leader of the ruffians. He felt a pat on his back, and Mishka's attempt to calm the situation down. He gave him a cold, stern glare of disapproval as he then looked at the group once more and said with an even colder tone.

    "Your 'fun' involves irresponsible behavior at an inappropriate hour, using possibly dangerous equipment while intoxicated and offending a security officer after hours." He said, listing a few things they have done. "But I will let you off, this time. Don't let it happen again." He said, giving Mishka another cold look, narrowing his eyes dangerously at the Malamute.

    "You owe me for this insult, big time." He growled lowly, as he walked back over to his locker, placing his badge and VeX away for now, grumbling under his nose. He didn't like letting criminals get away with their deeds as he likes to call it, nor allowing other people to offend him, but the protocol was a little different over on the Lux.

    No, this wouldn't happen on Henta, he would have had the ruffians locked up for a few days in the brig and everyone would call him a hero. "Yeah, I'm loving this place already. Bunch of Atokan pencil-pushers.". He thought sarcastically, as he noticed Izek over in the corner, giving him a suspicious, slow wave with his hand. "Who the heck is this guy?" He thought, as he wondered what must be this guys' deal in the whole situation, or even if he should be here at this late hour.

    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 27.01.13 18:09

    Mishka flashed an almost blatantly fake smile at the men before turning to follow the lion. "Hey hey hey, wait up a bit." Mishka sped up to keep pace with the guy, Man he really is pissed. Placing a hand on his shoulder again, Mishka had him turn so they could be face to face.

    "I didn't mean to disrespect you, I just didn't want a fight to break out in here. Plus I already called some on duty officers to come take care of them so we don't have to worry about it." Just as Mishka finished that thought, a pair of said officers walked in and gave them a nod, they strolled through the equipment and started talking to the drunks, just quiet enough so Mishka couldn't hear them.

    "AY WHATSHU MEAN WE GOTTA GO?" One of the men shouted, "ISH THISH CAUSE UH THEM PRETTY BOYS OFFER THERE?" The whole group started up in a tizzy but the officers quickly quieted them down with the threat of stun guns and led them out of the room, hopefully to their own rooms. Or somewhere safer.

    Mishka turned back to his acquaintance and motioned towards the door with both hands, "See? All covered." Mishka turned towards where Izek stood and smiled to let him know things were okay now, "Uh, I'm Mishka Foreniur, a fellow officer on board by the way, you are?"

    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 27.01.13 19:07

    Kaiden looked over to the security officers who took the loud ruffians away, as he gave their leader a cocky "I win after all." grin. The drunk man only looked angrily back at him, struggling a little against the strong grasp coming from the security officers. He chuckled as he turned his attention to Mishka once more, now a little less angry, but still annoyed at the Malamute.

    "Mhh? Oh, the name's Kaiden, Kaiden R'vani." He said, as he took the towel that was hanging from the open locker and began drying his hair and shoulders. He gave out a sigh, as he spoke in a now much more relaxed tone. "What's with the guy over in the corner?" He asked, using his head to nod in the direction of Izek.

    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 27.01.13 19:13

    "Nice to meet you Kaiden." Mishka nodded at him and gave a small smile, the guy didn't seem very sociable... Turning his attention to what Kaiden had asked, Mishka's smiled broadened, "Ah, that's Izek, he and I were meeting here to hang out but those guys kind of stopped us a little short."

    He waved over to Izek, motioning for him to come, "Ah, I suppose you could join us if you'd like, but you seem more like a swimming kind of guy. It's a shame they have the pools on schedules, night swimming can be quite enjoyable."

    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 28.01.13 5:34

    Kaiden looked over to Mishka and gave him a thoughtful look. "I guess this guy isn't all that bad." He thought, as he offered him a nod and a smile. He placed his towel back in the locker and faced the two, as he now seemed much more relaxed. His confidence was still there, but in a less aggressive kind of way.

    "Sure, I wouldn't mind doing some work-out. It's been a long day for me, might as well go all the way." He said, with a much warmer smile as he hanged the towel over his neck and held onto the sides in an idle way.


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    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by MB on 03.02.13 11:55

    //So, do you want to play in turns or in a principle of "who has the most time"? ;D I don't have time to react if you don't let me to play. If you want to play faster, I'm able to excure myself but... perhaps waiting for a while would be the nice thing to do?//

    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 03.02.13 12:01

    //I had orginally thought it would be a taking turns kind of thing but that didnt exactly happen. >.> We could try to do a better job of that from now on though. I'm sorry MB.//


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    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by MB on 03.02.13 12:07

    //Well, I'm just thinking what to do, as not being allowed to react or participate in any way kind of doesn't work either. I can understand this happens quite easily in multiple-player games but the issue is that I dont' know how my character could react in any way, as he's now basically forced just to sit still and wait. He can't have just slipped by to the dressing rooms either anymore, as he's been acknoledged to be on the scene.

    I feel this might need to be discussed with the moderators and the rules themselves need to have an instance to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again.//

    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 03.02.13 12:24

    //I understand, the way I percieved your character to have moved is that he did go to the dressing rooms but I guess the two of us got a little mixed up and caught up in what we were doing. If you want, I can go and erase any of the parts where my charcter acknowledged yours and ask Project to do the same so we can fix this up a bit.//

    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 03.02.13 13:08

    //I would like to personally apologize for this, I think both me and DieSonnenkind got a little ahead of us with the conversation. It wasn't on purpose, and I will gladly "clean up" the chat and remove him spotting Izek as DieSonn suggested. In terms of the rules, an order of posting would be a good way of ensuring that people know when to reply and with what speed against each other. Just a suggestion.//


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    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by MB on 03.02.13 21:08

    //Alright. I don't think there's any mind to vlean up the previous posts. It would require too much work to be useful. I'll write up something today, but first I'll try to figure out what...//


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    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by MB on 05.02.13 23:35

    As Mishka started walking away, Izek reached out his hand in the hopes of communicating that he shouldn't probably go to a possible fight, at least unprepared. As it seemed this man would indeed flee his silent waving before realizing what Izek had to say the smaller man resorted to staying in the background. He wasn't scared, just aware of his own skill level. Even drunk those weights had been surprisingly heavy. And while Izek considered himself an adequate brawler or boxer the seemingly nominated leader of the group still seemed to be in control of himself, If only just physically. And there were more of them than of him.

    Besides, there was someone way more suited to take care of the situation.

    He couldn't help but smile to the mention of dangerous equipment and not being totally sober. A seemingly efficient way to react and to prove that the odds weren't as great for the ruffians as they perhaps had previously hoped. The other man in the forever-stylish swimming... costume seemed a lot more tense, however. Something that could be dependent on a variety of reasons.

    The pair seemed to know each other from before, if only briefly. Izek wasn't particularly surprised by this, given Mishka's general cheery attitude and the mindset of the other. There was no question about it - they were probably working together. Or at least had professions that overlapped quite often.

    Izek didn't want to intrude to the conversation of the two and started walking towards the common changing area - it was separated from the main gym and the owned or rented lockers by only a few flaps instead of an actual door. Breezy. Izek also deduced the showers would be in the same direction.

    When walking past Mishka and the other man, he reacted to his smile with a approving nod and a hand gesture towards the changing area he was already supposed to leave before the whole occurrence. It seemed as if they hadn’t met before after all, at least not in a relaxed environment. In any case, it wasn’t his place to intrude. Especially as he needed to change anyway.

    He made his way to the changing rooms.

    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 06.02.13 9:34

    Mishka smiled, "Well I don't suppose you want to work out in your swim trunks, do you?" Motioning at the brightly colored suit, he stifled a small laugh, "Why so bright? Doesn't seem to suit you." Another laugh, Mishka loved making puns; even if they weren't actually funny, most didn't share his view of course, but he wasn't one to care much.

    "Izek should be out in a few minutes, and I can wait for you both if you want to get into something more comfortable for weights."

    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 14.02.13 15:52

    Kaiden looked at him and simply laughed, for he was too into puns. The pun wasn't the best one, but it still made him laugh nonetheless, as he looked at his swimming trunks. "These were given to me by my previous partner, she thought it would be ironic in a sense... and I was too polite to just say no to a gift at the time." He said, letting out a sigh and a chuckle at his ridiculous set of swimming boxers.

    "And sure, let me just change quickly. Five minutes tops." He said in his usual 'efficient man' type of way, as he took out a few pieces of dry clothing from the locker nearby and went to change into a changing cabin room. If Izek was anywhere nearby he would have waved to him briefly, but without actually saying anything, continuing on his path to the cabin instead.

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    Re: A night in the gym (DieSonnenkind, MB, and Project_Epsilon)

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