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    Moving in (Project_Epsilon & Ginka)


    Moving in (Project_Epsilon & Ginka)

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 11.01.13 12:46

    Place: Cabin 12 and the hall outside of it.
    Time: 12:14 Noon
    Characters: Kaiden R'vani (Project_Epsilon) and Sola Axum (Ginka)

    The halls of the Living District were rather empty, with no living soul to be found, giving the place an almost "ghost town" like look. This was probably due to the fact that everyone else was either asleep in their cabins or working at their stations. That, with the exception of one lone person who was rather busy unloading several square containers into a Cabin, Kaiden R'vani. Each of the boxes was rather heavy, which could have been observed by simply looking at Kaiden.

    He groaned and huffed with each container he moved and there were a few still waiting for him outside of his cabin. He has just moved in to the Cabin, housing that was designated for him without anyone even asking him. This made him a little annoyed, especially since he had to share the said Cabin with another person. Gladly, the person was not around at the time, giving Kaiden a good chance to have a look around and make himself at home before he would have to deal a room-mate. He grumbled briefly under his nose, mumbling out a few curses at his unusual predicament.

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    Re: Moving in (Project_Epsilon & Ginka)

    Post by Ginka on 12.01.13 1:33

    OFF: My original thought was that this wouldn't get to the mature point. I will let things fall where they will lol. As another note I would advice not to state the exact day a game takes place. Your personal timeline will do just fine. I think keeping track of days could cause confusion among other players and their timelines.

    Sola had just done her morning routines. She dressed up with a white, v-neck lined, skin tight long sleeved shirt and a pen skirt to match. She checked the billboard for daily updates and as nothing special caught her eye she decided to leave her cabin. While playing around with her VeX Sola opened her cabin door.

    This district was usually quiet around this time of day and even all Sola's roommates had left earlier. She walked down the aisle calmly until her ears picked something up. They rose up pointy and aware of the surroundings and aimed Sola's eyes towards the source. A lion lifting boxes. A MALE lion. This is too good to be true, Sola thought to herself as she listened to the quite arousing sounds that lion was making.

    Sola walked towards this lion while trying to appear as seductive as possible. She pulled down her shirt a notch and crouched just so her breasts would look more appealing but not so she would actually look crouching. Moving her hips from side to side and swaying her tail calmly she reached cabin 12. Sola put her other hand on her hip and with the other leaned to the wall trying to make a curve with her body. Illusion of a waist so to speak. When the lion was at a proper distance to hear Sola spoke: "Hello handsome.."

    Re: Moving in (Project_Epsilon & Ginka)

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 12.01.13 6:19

    OFF: Yes, sorry about that. It's just wasn't sure what was going to happen, I probably should have discussed this with you a little more. A Beginners mistake, won't happen again. In terms of "Day 1", I only did that after looking at other people's posts, so I will change that now.

    Kaiden was crouching at the time, as he was attempting to untie a rather tightly knotted strap on one of the containers. This caused him to grumble, as he was failing and fumbling around with the strap that was obviously defying him. Suddenly however, he heard footsteps coming towards him in the quiet corridor, making his eyebrows cross a little as he listened carefully, not yet looking up.

    It's probably my room-mate. He thought, as he sighed a little bit, trying to get on with his work. However, both his attitude and his tone quickly changed as he heard the person approaching speak... in a rather seductive way. His mouth opened a little in confusion as he looked up and saw her, a beautiful Fennec Fox was in front of him. A female Fox with clothes that surely must be infringing a law on public decency, or so he thought in his head at least, as he quickly got up to greet her properly.

    "I... uhhh... good afternoon, c-can I help you with something?"
    Kaiden spoke, his usual confidence simply gone in that little instance, as he was scratching the back of his head idly. His Grey-Green eyes also seemed to have been rather focused on her, obviously checking her out, without even realizing that he was doing it.

    Re: Moving in (Project_Epsilon & Ginka)

    Post by Ginka on 12.01.13 14:42

    Sola thought the lion seemed a little shy. Surprised if nothing else. Sola was absolutely okay with having control over her target as the lion stuttered while speaking. This could be easy, was in Sola's mind as she moved closer to her prey. An early catch and not even twelve hours from her last.

    "I've never seen you here before. I assume your new. Would you care for some.. private introductions", Sola spoke as she was clearly playing with her prey. Not that the lion knew Sola's background and "hunting" habits. Sola could only hope not to scare this feline hunk away as she made a move with her tail. She was close enough to slightly touch lion's leg with her soft furred tail.

    Re: Moving in (Project_Epsilon & Ginka)

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 12.01.13 15:06

    Sola's advances were certainly making an impact on Kaiden, as he stuttered heavily in response to what she said, while being rather nervous in front of the fox. He was also clearly attracted and interested in her, but seemed to be heavily inexperienced in talking to women, especially those that would actively try to get his attention.

    "I uhh... I have just moved in, to here, to my cabin." He started rather hectically, as he was looking nervously over to the door of his cabin and back at Sola. However, as soon as she mentioned "Private Introductions" his mind almost froze for a moment, with his mouth gaping ajar a little.

    "Private... introductions..?" He asked, as he swallowed his saliva nervously, now clearly thinking of her intentions, as he asked to clarify her answer. Her tail touching his leg also did not seem to make the situation any better, as he just stood there, unable to make a move.

    Re: Moving in (Project_Epsilon & Ginka)

    Post by Ginka on 19.01.13 12:59

    This petite seductress noticed the lion's nervousness and tried to do this as gently as she knew. She moved her other hand to her other elbow and tried to look very innocent and cute to her prey. I have to nail this.

    "Maybe.. You could show me your cabin?", Sola said with an obvious sound of seduction. She looked relaxed and comfortable with herself though she did push her hands together so her bust would look more appealing. Her tail didn't continue teasing in the fear her catch might run away.

    Re: Moving in (Project_Epsilon & Ginka)

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 19.01.13 14:29

    "I... ehhh, yeah, sure. I could do that." He said as he scratched the back of his neck a little, now fully noticing her "assets", nervously glancing backwards and forwards between them and her eyes. He took a step inside of his cabin, as a thought entered his mind "What the hell are you doing? You know full well what she wants!" He thought, as his mind tried to scream some sense into him, while his body was issuing a forceful order to go along with it anyway.

    After walking inside, he turned around his heel and put his hands up in a 'Ta-daaa!' expression, with a nervous chuckle to go along with it. The cabin was rather plain at the moment, as there were many boxes strewn along the floor in surprisingly neat pyramids. The place had a living room, a small kitchen and two other rooms, with the one on the right marked as "Kerrfi". The other room obviously must have belonged to him, but it was still unmarked and the door was left fairly ajar.

    Kaiden looked around nervously, and looked for something to distract her with, as he noticed a Coffee machine on the kitchen counter. "Would you... like some c-coffee..?" He asked, as he just stood there with an uneasy nervous expression. He also seemed to not be wearing his usual Hexaqua Kevlar vest, since he presumed he would not need it, as he felt ever more vulnerable. He was also standing quite closely to one of the piles of boxes, with them being right behind him, since the cabin was quite limited in space.

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    Re: Moving in (Project_Epsilon & Ginka)

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