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    Sola Axum


    Sola Axum

    Post by Ginka on 17.09.12 1:26

    Name: Sola Axum
    Nickname: Sola
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Species: Fennec fox
    Home planet: Vulquwera
    Employment: -

    Appearance: Sola's coat is sand colored with different nuances and her eyes are hazel. She has shoulder length white hair. In general, the hair will be open. Sola is tiny and she stands only 150cm tall having just enough weight to form some curve on her hips. Her breasts are small and natural firm, kind of cute. Sola is essentially a very sweet and innocent, until her true intentions are revealed. Her wardrobe is full of tight-fitting revealing clothes with a white main color.

    Personality: In short, and in all it's glory, Sola is a man-eater. Sola has long been extremely interested in the opposite sex, but never seriously. She doesn't plan to settle down with one man but wants to experiment and be free. Someone could even joke about that Sola left the planet, because it ran out of men. For a long time Sola has been addicted to a substance. Endorphin, which is released during sex. This has led to concrete sex addiction and Sola goes to extremes in many cases in order to satisfy her thirst. When in the mood Sola rarely checks who she is sleeping with or stops to think of the consequences.

    When with other women Sola is a totally different person. She is capable of rational and thoughtful conversation with others, as long as she isn't in need. In conversations Sola can sometimes be a tad sarcastic, and if some day she would like to insult someone she would succeed in it easily. In general Sola seduces men as easily as she gets enemies. Commonly seducing the boyfriends of her friends.

    Every time a man tries to make a move on Sola she acts cold and lets the man drop to his knees before giving in. In fact the only thing Sola's thinking about at that time is the upcoming act and this makes her extremely vulnerable. Then sometimes there are those situations when someone tries to be romantic with Sola. Romance is the kind of socialization Sola isn't up for. That is why she will try to get away from that kind of guys or just be done with it as fast as she can. If Sola would be seriously threatened she would first growl and try to defend herself with words. In reality she wouldn't be able to protect herself if things got violent.

    Background: Sola was born on Vulquwera into a fennec family with parents and an older brother. She had breathing problems from the start and had to have a breathing implant to breathe properly. Sola and her family however lived in a very deprived district and they were quite poor so she couldn't have a proper implant. Instead she had to get her implant checked every month or so when with a better implant she wouldn't need check ups at all. Because of Sola's family's living conditions she was home schooled. Though her life at this time wasn't glamorous she kept hoping for better. She took an interest in fashion as a teenager and working part-time saved money for education.

    At the age of 18 Sola had saved money and with her parents' modest help she was able to move to Wera. There she got in to a school where she started studying fashion. Everything was falling in to place and Sola made many friends on Wera. However everything was very different on Wera and there was a lot of pressure. Though Sola had always been very beautiful, she didn't see herself as such. Sola was very insecure of herself and her breasts more than anything. Pressure and being around wrong kind of "friends" got Sola into drinking. Eventually she even lost her virginity while being drunk and pressured. All this made Sola very unstable and she barely graduated to a fashion designer after four years. Barely.

    Sola wasn't a student anymore so she couldn't stay at school dorms anymore. She failed to land a job of any kind and so a really dark part of her life began. After losing her virginity Sola had ha a lot of one night stands. Now that she didn't know where to go those one night stands became more common. Sleeping with another men almost every night just to sleep under a roof. Sola figured if she'd have sex that often she could as well charge for it. Selling her body she was able to pay for her implant check ups. Life was horrible and Sola was so ashamed that she refused to tell her parents what was going on.

    By the time Sola turned 24 she worked in a coffee shop and a part-time stripper to get by. She had a small apartment and didn't need to rely on men to survive. She was however now a sex addict. Insecure and clueless about her future. Sola even had a roommate until she slept with her roommates boyfriend. One day billboards on a busy street on Wera had ads about Lux. Sola did some research and applied. She needed a new start and hope for brighter tomorrow.

    ...needs her beauty sleep.
    ...uses yoga to keep her flexibility.
    ...likes the color white.
    ...wants it rough.
    ...lives in cabin 1.
    ...has mood swings and is easily provoked.

    To Add: quick-tempered, makes quick judgments, impatient, bad at hiding her reactions/emotions, might blurb out things unintentionally, shallow, dislikes fat or ugly people, would like to get rid of her addiction, turns drama queen when drunk..

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