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    Kaiden R'vani


    Kaiden R'vani

    Post by Project_Epsilon on 11.01.13 10:05

    Name: Kaiden R'vani

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Species: Lion

    Home planet: Henta

    Employment: Patrol Unit, or any Law Enforcement styled career that is available. Would be working full-time.

    Where to find him: Cabin 12

    Kaiden is a medium sized man, standing proudly at about 5'9 with a rather compact, steady physical build. However, he is not lithe in figure, possessing both muscle and a healthy amount of fat as well. His fur is of a healthy golden color with lighter patches where his mouth would be, as well as his underbelly and inside of his hand-like paws. He has a short but lively mane (or hair rather) that sticks out a little forward with prominent side-burns, both of dark brown in color.

    His eyes are a mixture of Grey and Green, giving them a somewhat "mossy stone" look, as they appear to have seen quite a lot, especially considering his still rather young age. He doesn't smile often, unless something really does make him smile, usually keeping a rather stoic expression instead.

    In terms of clothes, he always seems to be wearing his Hexaqua Kevlar vest, on top of his neatly ironed graphite shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to above his elbows. Along with that, he wears a pair of light colored jeans with a dark brown belt and shiny black shoes to match. He is also quite keen on wearing a pair of black gloves, especially when handling something unclean or when dealing with a piece of evidence in his investigation.

    Kaiden is a person who always tries to do everything to the best of his ability, working hard at his job of making sure everyone is safe and sound, seeing it as his personal responsibility. He enjoys order and peace, forit is then that he believes the society is the happiest and people are the most free. He is calm, reasonable and almost always polite, always talking to those who are higher than him with utmost respect. He has no problem with cracking a joke, once he sees that situation is appropriate, but finds childish pranks a little too degrading for his own liking.

    However, his belief in the utmost importance of Law and Order makes him a little rigid in his behavior, as he is often seen not giving any ground or allowing excuses to those that violate a law under his watch. He believes that each person is fully responsible for their actions, no matter how big or small, and no amount of explanation will change his mind. On the other hand though, he never goes to punish the person for more than they actually deserve, as he always aims to be fair and just in his decisions. Interesting cases bring him a certain amount of satisfaction, as he enjoys mystery and detective work, finding it one of the more exciting and rewarding parts of working within Law Enforcement.

    Stress is something he is quite used to, as chasing brawny criminals across his home planet taught him how to cope with great amounts of pressure while also experiencing physical strain. He usually lets out steam by either swimming in a cold pool or making himself busy with a few of his hobbies. However, when the work is beginning to dangerously stack and he finds himself having little time to even think, he becomes edgy and anxious, almost writhing and flailing to meet his deadlines. He can become rude, blunt and even aggressive if he is finding it hard to cope with the workload. Strangely enough though, he never shares it with anyone, as he sees his own work to be his problem and his alone.

    Background: Kaiden was born to a rather small family of scientists working for the local military of the planet Henta. Having been raised under both the society's and his parent's influence, he started receiving martial training by the age of eight. His parents always tried to shape the best out of him, since he was their only child and progeny, and hoped for him to follow in their steps. Their ways of "encouraging" that were harsh, up to a point of ridiculousness, where he would be punished for even the smallest detail he would miss. Their motivation was to make the best out of him, to squeeze the potential in order to make him a great person, a "show of ultimate love" they thought.

    This however, made quite the opposite impression on Kaiden, as he found his parents to be cruel and unloving. Their constant punishments only strengthened his need to escape, and make a life of his own, away from his home-planet which he quickly grew to despise. Once he has finished college and a Police Force Academy on Henta, he moved out of the house on the first night back, leaving only a brief letter saying how much he despises them. He made a promise in the letter, and to himself, that he would not return to them unless he had to attend their funeral.

    Life on his own was hard, since there was no-one to provide for him and he freely chose to make his own living as a Patrol Officer on the streets of one of the "cities" of the planet. He worked his best and achieved some pretty impressive results, working his way up a rank or two in the local force, quickly becoming a sergeant. However, he was still on the planet... or deep under it's crust rather, as he dreamed of something bigger, something away from the red planet he had to call home. He wanted a place as far away from his "home" as possible, a place where he could relax and feel... well, at home.


    - Get the job, and meet the crew.
    - Get a living placement.
    - See if there is a swimming pool available anywhere.
    - See if there is a cooking station available.


    - Peace and quiet.
    - Conventional cooking (secret hobby).
    - Books.
    - Swimming.
    - Video games (secret hobby).
    - Occasional drink.


    - Childish pranks.
    - Bad treatment of children.
    - Lack of punctuality.
    - Getting stains on his shirt.
    - Smoking, finds it disgusting.
    - People from Atoka. Damn villagers.

    Random facts:

    - He sings Gilbert and Sullivan "I am the very model of a modern major general" (or tries to) in the shower.
    - He sees whiskey as a pointless alcohol, which is only good for making you drunk.
    - Talks in his sleep.

    Games taken part in:

    - None yet.

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