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    Rejan Gordinier


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    Rejan Gordinier

    Post by Django on 06.01.13 11:45

    Name: First Lieutenant Rejan Gordinier

    Age: 30 (human years)

    Gender: Male
    Species: Fox

    Home planet Atoka

    Employment: Land Navigator and Star map reader, and part time Patrol.

    Appearance: Standing at 5'10', Rejan is a grey and white colored fox. Lean with a runners body. Keeps his hair neat and trim to army regulations.

    Personality: Rejan is a cool headed individual and not one to rush into things. His Atoka habits, came make him the type of person to way over think things, trying not to unbalance what ever hes doing to get the job done with the best results, especially if theres lives on the line. What grates him is selfish people.

    Those type of people he find, cause unbalance without even thinking of the consequences to their action.

    Unlike alot of people born on Atoka, Rejan extremely blunt for his kind, one to use fewer words to get to the point. But most outsiders don't notice it.

    Rejan is devoted to his job, willing to put himself on the line and give himself the hardest job so it gets done right.

    Background: Rejan was born in a tribe called Little Rive. A tribe that used to be part of a larger group. But there was a big disagreement within the village over land, and it lead to a split up. Rejan family was small and he was the middle child of two sisters.

    Rejan like most males in his tribe served at his villages militia part time, and in his free time, his favorite was spear hunting and tracking. He liked being alone in the jungle wilderness, spending days at a time with nothing but his thoughts. But one day a Major from the IDEF army came to the village, looking to hire some of the professional soldiers of the village to fight in a war on another
    planet with jungles.

    The conflict was called Pan Am wars. And long stroy short, a small army of pirates where using the dense jungles as a hiding place and head quarters to their raiding operations, and since the IDEF was ill equipped with proper soldiers to handle the jungle warfare. They hired soldiers from Atoka, (who were good at this type of fighting) to fight for them.

    Rejan, who was 20 at the time, joined the IDEF in the Pan Am wars. Thinking of it as a way to expand his hunting prowess.

    He was more or less at home in this type of terrian and warfare. Where he did recon and sabotage to the pirate gorillas. And after two and half years of fighting in the dense jungles, the war ended with the IDEF and the Atoka mercenaries pushing the pirates out for good.

    Afterwards war Rejan joined the IDEF full time, finding it as an excellent idea further his career in the army that his village couldn't supply. From there he joined the IDEF space marines and served on various battle ships, chasing off pirates and eradicating them. It was there he head a calling. He wanted to see the stars and serve, and maybe eventually command his own star ship.

    Fresh from an officer training courses and a graduate on star navigation. Rejan was taking the first steps to his dream by joining the lux that had a slot open for his set of skills.

    Extra: Goals, likes/dislikes, family, random facts, etc.
    -Likes to widdle with wood
    -Hunts game on his planet with a spear or bow.
    - Keeps himself in shape with martial arts (boxing and karate) and can be seen running.
    -More then a little of a work aholic, trying to keep things in order.

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