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    Okello Monsoon


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    Okello Monsoon

    Post by Django on 04.01.13 1:16

    Name: Okello Monsoon Red Shovel clan

    Age: 43 (human years)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Gorrilla

    Home planet: Henta

    Employment: Air conditioning and Vehicle maintenance.

    Appearance: Okello is not really so different then any other silver back gorilla, flat faced and always seems to be in a frown. A bit on the Chubby side from a 'healthy' diet of snacks but still has hard working and strong muscles underneath the fat, broad shoulders, and mostly black fur. Around 6 feet tall.

    Personality: While Okello was born and raised on Henta, he has developed a good scene of humor and learned how to interact better with Non Henta's. While always frowning because of his father side of the family, he always like to surprise people with his generally gentle side.

    While very organized with his tools or other belongings, he doesn't pester people into his old Henta habits but can get a little flustered when people mess up paper work or break things conceitedly that he has to fix.

    Background: Okello Monsoon (or Ok-lol if you want to pester him.) was born into the Red Shovel clan. A clan of no real importance or any outlandish rules other then the basic follow the law.

    Okello was modest man, who joined the cadets when he could and served at military when he was old enough. He spent eight years as military police officer at Fort Moon 5. Where he spent most of his time breaking up drunken fights in the barracks and the mess. But two particular instance stand out from his services, one when he had to gun down a solider high on nercotics from eating another mans face. And another gun fight with another drugged up AWOL solider who trapped himself in an office with a rifle and had a shoot out with the MP's before shooting himself as they closed in.

    Because of these two incidents only a few weeks apart at the base, there was a major investigation and eventual crack down on a drug smuggling ring that was happening at the heart of the base.

    After getting tired of corruption and the nightmares he had from shootings. Okello decided to be an engineer, and after graduating and getting his degrees, he picked up jobs fixing space crafts and land vehicles.

    Because of this he was away from home allot, on military operations. His wife, who he had a son with, spilt up with him over the phone while he was worlds away.

    He took this very hard and personal. And found it really hard to go back home. So he left the military and started to take off world jobs with various mining companies, transport and luxury shuttles, where he pretty much lived on the move and even learned how to better deal with non Henta beings. Basically learn how to chill back a bit and put on a few pounds.

    Okello had to admit, he liked the new life on the road, you never knew what you where going to learn or see. It was less strict and better pay check sometimes. He sends most of his cash to his son, who he had little contact with since his divorce.

    Extra: Okello is a man of simple things. A good life comes from good work, kind of deal. Was married and has no real interest in a long term relationship since his life is on the move most of the time but does dive into one night stands and short term dates with fellow on board crew mates.

    Like pulp fiction stories and has written a few in his life time.

    Loves his son, despite seeing very little of him.

    Can still speak Henta style but choose not to, most of the time its because its easier for the non Henta to ease up to him.

    Was a Sergeant in arms in the army

    Lives in cabin 3.

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