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    Rawk Heuressein


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    Rawk Heuressein

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    Name: Rawk Arbalest Rebal Heuressein
    Age: 41
    Sex: Male
    Species: Gray Wolf
    Home Planet: Henta

    Military rank: Lieutenant, tactical adviser.

    One of the few personnel onboard to have actual war experience.

    Somewhat divided personality. Generally Rawk is a functional and strict soldier following orders. But somewhere deep inside lies a whispering madness. In a controlled situation Rawk acts rationally and remains calm. He is very calm and smooth, although compassionate towards other members of military. He is always ready to pick up a gun, if the situation so demands. The war broke him, and slaughtering dehumanized foes became his second life. Remember, he is not cruel, if he need not be.

    One notable characteristic in Rawk is his skewered view on the world. He does not feel mercy or pity, and doesn't consider killing to be wrong. He knows it is against the "rules" but sees no moral conundrum in it. He does appreciate life, but if someone gives him a reason, he will not hesitate for long. It's natural selection, an individual stupid enough to have caused his/her own demise will be wiped from the gene-pool. Another thing he doesn't feel is remorse. After watching a dying man in the eye, after singing a lullaby to his companion choking on his own blood, and after keeping galactic peace by burning a politicians family alive, nothing makes him resentful anymore.

    Rawk is quite prone to flashbacks. Memories of the war sometimes flood back in threatening situations. At this point, his instincts take control and eliminating the threat quickly and efficiently becomes a priority. This often causes severe injuries to any poor individual to be considered a threat.

    Past life:
    Born on Henta, to a good family, Rawk started growing crooked at a very young age. Problems with the law, stupidities of different magnitudes, and at last, when he was 19 years old, he was given a choice. Prison or war. At the time, IDEF was in a war with OCG (Organized Crime in Galaxy) and young soldiers from Henta were mass recruited to serve as replaceable infantry.

    After joining the army with his brother, they were both sent to a distant relay-outpost, called Sigma-13. After a short while of peaceful patrolling, OCG started a massive attack against all relays in said quadrant. After a short and brutal conflict, all but one of the relays were either captured or destroyed. The only one still in the hands of IDEF was Sigma-13. Rawk and his brother had proved to be excellent soldiers, and together with their squad-mates they held the station for three days, pushing back several waves of infantry and surviving several hours of concentrated missile-barrage. At this point Rawk’s squad is losing combat-able personnel on an alarming rate, and only a few are left defending the station. This is the time when OCG begins their final assault, and after a day of combat and several hours of missile barrage, Sigma.13 is still being held by IDEF. Eventually the OCG was driven off the system by the IDEF 3rd regiment fleet who had heard the SOS.

    Only four people are found from the Sigma-13 command center. One of them is Rawk's brother, and dies later on the way to the medical ward. Rawk, mad with exhaustion, is leaning on to the computer broadcasting the SOS. There are tens of OCG carcasses scattered near the entrance... and Rawk has a melted Fluid-rifle on his lap. The leaders of IDEF use this opportunity to tell tales of Rawk as a hero... a man who stopped an entire fleet. His traumas and dark memories were, naturally, omitted from all sources.

    Psychiatrists later defined Rawk's broken mind to be of imminent danger to everyone and put him under strong medication. The five months he spent in rehab seemed to make progress, as he seemed to transform back to its normal state. In truth, however, there was a split...and under his calm appearance lies a whispering panic madness that demands him to kill everyone. Soon, having nowhere else to go or be, he was returned to service. After a decade and almost 200 battles he was a skilled and respected soldier. A lieutenant, still on active duty... as a "cleaner" of sorts for the government. This job included elimination of unpreferred individuals and the destruction of potentially hazardous material. This made hima an operational ghost. IDEF had erased all info or Rawk Heuressein. No one knows his past or any other part of him, for if someone could backtrack from a serial killer to the IDEF board-members... needless to say, the discovery would put the government in a bad light. There are legends circulating among the soldiers, and every one of them has heard something of uncle Rawk. It is even rumored that all of the doctors that have ever treated him are now dead, except for one, who is a fully-paralyzed vegetable. Cause? Blunt force trauma to the neck.

    Case Kepler and transfer to Lux:
    Rawk and 5 Special Forces soldiers were sent in a assault capsule to seize a trade-ship captured by terrorist headed for a small planet by the name of Kepler. Inside the ship, the situation soon deteriorated into an open firefight. 6 against several dozens is an unfair fight on any grounds, but the terrorists cared little for the civilian lives on board. And after a particularly brutal exchange of fire, the terrorists accidentally set of a catastrophic structural failure. Mainly, a hole in the side of the ship. Via miraculous luck, Rawk and three others survived back to their capsule, which could survive the impact. The ship crashed on the planet, landing directly on top of a city, with an estimated loss of life being at 9 000 000 people. In their capsule, Rawk and his companions watched as the city was turned into an infernal firestorm, intense heat crisping the outside of the capsule.

    11 hours later, the group walked out to witness the destruction around them. Rawk succumbed to his memories, and in a flashback induced rage he did not make a difference between friend or foe, and shot two of his three friends, mauling the last one with his claws and teeth. Afterwards, he went through many different states of mind, and eventually resorted to violence against himself, clawing his own face in desperate attempt to wake up from this nightmare, blinding his left eye and splitting his muzzle. When the rescue crew found him, he was but a pile of hate and misery.

    Three months later, after government meddling, Rawk received “fit-for-duty" papers from reluctant psychiatrists. Court ruled “case Kepler" to be an unexpected accident, freeing Rawk of any charges.

    He was stationed aboard Lux to recover.

    Rawk is about 191cm tall and weighs 82kg. His body is toned and he has reasonable muscles, but he is more of quick and agile than a meathead. Although, one wouldn't want to be Rawk’s punching bag, for he does have power.

    As a wolf, his fur is dark tinted gray.

    His good physique and sharp dressing make him look formal well suited for his job as a tactical adviser aboard Lux.

    Rawk dresses quite formally, security uniform and a few decorations from the military. Often seen sporting black thin gloves as a relic from his hitman days.




    -Several scars on face

    -Left eye blind

    -Muzzle split, but does not affect sense of smell

    -Fractures in skull, healed


    -Three ribs replaced with metal

    -Tissue damage and scarring on right lower stomach

    -Shrapnel scars on his back

    -Capsulated shrapnel in his left buttock, hurts when he sits for a long time.


    -Right kneecap replaced with metal

    -Right shin has shattered, lots of metal keeping it together

    -Right ankle rebuilt, consist of dura-aluminium alloys


    -Large scar on right wrist

    -Left arm suffered heavy neurological damage, sense of touch greatly weakened

    -Knuckles badly worn, rheumatism is nearly quaranteed, does not affect him yet

    Skills and abilities:

    CQC (Close Quarters Combat): A style of fighting designed by the military to be as lethal as possible.

    Expert maksman, favoured weapons are pistols and carbines.

    Very adept with knives, particularly throwing.

    Skilled in many forms of martial arts.

    Has passed combat medication courses.

    Has passed combat surgeon courses.

    Top grades on military record.

    Excellent combat experience.

    Improvised weapons expert.

    Improvised cooking expert.

    Excellent singer.


    Has been promoted and demoted a number of times, mainly because of ruthless style.

    Sings or hums often, especially when doing something challenging.

    There exist no written record of Rawk aboard Lux. He has a high clearance and access to all but the highest security levels.


    Day 1
    16:45 Checking assets

    I am an alchemist. You are not. Neener neener.

    Volod Stasilen
    Rawk Heuressein

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