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    Lago Isatis


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    Lago Isatis

    Post by Raogi on 02.01.13 17:03

    !!! WIP !!!

    Name: Lago Isatis
    Nickname: Foxie
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Species: Arctic Fox
    Home planet: Margas
    Employment: Mechanics and Engineering, Repairman for Engine and Air Conditioning systems

    Lago's fur is always snow white and doesn't change color at all. It is extremeley dense, and because of the air conditioning systems on Lux, it is nearly always bristled. It takes a fluorescent blue shade in contact with mechanical fluids.
    His eyes are red, and his hair is in the same color and state than his fur. Length of hair and fur is generally quite long. Lago is short, being 166cm, and looks like a cute, fluffy fox cub. His tail is nearly as long as himself. However, his fur hides a muscular and supple body. Torso is human while legs look more like those of a fox, adapted for a biped.
    Lago looks like a very calm, funny guy who always try to please everybody with his weird solutions. However, deep inside, he's extremely shy and reserved, and is hurting every day by what he did in the past.
    His clothes are a leather belt with tools, fingerless mitts and blue overalls which might be a little dirty, as much as his fur might be. He always walks barefoot. Usually, the ship temperature is too high for him, so he often wears his
    overalls with the top part hanging down at his waist, thanks to the belt.


    Even if he tries to hide it as much as he can, Lago is a fox on the run as well as on the road of redemption.
    With guys, he's the clown and the wise man. His soft voice and weird advices always calm down the most heated of discussions, and when things could turn ugly, Foxie is here to give a smile, a stupid joke or just a hand. Bad days just seem to slide on his fur and then disappear.
    With women, he feels extremely uneasy and isn't able to finish his sentences. His tactic is then to change the female focus to another man, one way or the other, and then to disappear as quickly as possible.
    However, the truth is somewhere else. Because of what he did in the past, Lago keeps blaming himself days after days. As a result, he tries to redeem himself as he can through work and kindness. But whatever the situation, Lago is in the utter incapicity to build strong bonds with somebody, lest of his dark side. He considers himself as not worth the attention nor the praise, even if he desperately tries to get recognition and happiness. After some time spent with somebody, shorter for women, longer for men, he'll make sure the relationship comes to an end with the less possible colateral damage.

    If Lago has to defend himself from some strong violence or in an emergency asked from the Lux Patrol Unit, Lago will completely change to an attitude as cold as steel, and he'll act as a raging machine during a fight.

    In common situations, Foxie will appear as a joyful mechanic nerd, with a strong problem with women, surrounded by a growing-over-time aura of unease and awkwardness.

    Background: Lago was found in front of an orphanage during a very cold winter on Margas. During his early years, Lago was bullied by the other children because his fur was never changing colors, and he was nicknamed "Snowball". As a result, he was very lonely, and wanting to be recognized, he tried his best to please his teachers. Soon, his athletic abilites were recognized by the whole institute, and even further. It was then than Demo Corp appeared in its life.

    Demo Corp was known to be a very important multiarea company, gathering several masters in different crafts and strengthening their clients' loyalty through the quality of either their products or their teachings. However, one of the method used by Demo Corp was to completely obliterate any competition. With this goal in head, they adopted several children who were trained martially for several years. One of them was Lago.

    As young as 17, Lago was a trained gunman. He was given the dirty jobs of the corporation such as racketeering, malicious acts, blackmail, bodyguard, murder and escaping. Working in small teams, handling guns, Lago lost his youth without even realizing it. Margas leitmotiv "to work or not to work" had been changed in the law of the jungle "to kill or to be killed".

    But as time went, reality kept coming back and bugging him. Why didn't he have a job to be proud of ? Why always hiding ? Why killing people ? Why not having an accent like simple people ? As questions came to his mind, bugging him night after night, he finally opened the eyes on the justice that had been forced to him.

    Unable to put the blame on anyone else, feeling guilty in the deepest part of his soul, he couldn't take it anymore and took a chance to flee and disappear at the age of 25. The answer didn't wait : he became THE number one political planetary enemy in the span of 48 hours, and had to hide himself for a whole year in very hostile environments.

    When Lux last landed on Margas, Lago took his chance and got himself hired under his true name. By chance, political scandals were shaking Margas, and Demo Corp and the governments were too busy solving their problems to keep the rewards nor the security to catch him.

    Lago tries now to live a life of redemption as a technician on Lux. However, he was notified by the higher ups that they knew about his past and may have some use for his former skills. Lago was able to refuse... for the moment.

    ...plays basketball.
    ...enjoys pizzas with a lot of meat.
    ...hates mushrooms.
    ...dances horribly.
    ...lives in cabin 5.
    ...doesn't care at all about his outer appearance. Meaning he may go talk
    with some high-ranked staff with the same overalls he just used when
    crawling in the air conditioning system to purge it.
    ... never cuts his hair/fur, unless somebody forces him to. He won't resist if that happens.

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    Between light and darkness, there is no good nor evil : just you, yourself and your shadow.

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    Re: Lago Isatis

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    Between light and darkness, there is no good nor evil : just you, yourself and your shadow.

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