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    Alex Zanyev


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    Alex Zanyev

    Post by MB on 13.09.12 10:44

    Name - Alex Zanyev

    Age - 27

    Sex - female

    Sexuality - Into interesting or beautiful things, regardless of gender or species. Prefers people slightly older than herself.

    Species - bee

    Cabin - 2

    Appearance - Alex is a short female bee, approximately only 150cm (4' 11) tall. Her fur is mostly a shade of yellowish/goldish, with a few stripes on her back. Her eyes are dark blue, and have no other visbile colors.

    Her body is an extreme hourglass, like many bees do regardless of gender. This means that a majority of the internal organs that normally reside on the belly area are now housed elsewhere on her body. This can create dangerous problems on some situations (for example, when attempting the Heimlich maneuver or when operating without further, accurate information).

    Her belly, hands and feet are covered and supported by an external structure resembling an exoskeleton, and while it does enable bending from unusual places, it also prevents the growth of a larger muscle mass. This makes Alex durable and handy, but weaker than average (strenght-wise).

    Alex also has a pair of fully functional, translucent wings that are very delicate and sensitive to touch. The wings aren't very strong either, but that's more due to a low amount of practice than an actual disability. While living in Vulquvera, her home was very crowded and the air not good for constant flying around, so she opted for staying indoors.

    Her stinger is fully functional in principle, albeit quite troublesome, even preventing her from using chairs with a backrest. It also seems to always be bumping to things without Alex's notice, which always confuses her and makes her very apologetic.

    Alex can usually be seen wearing clothing inspired by Vulquweran fashion, but after her admission to Lux she's been a bit more relaxed about it. Most of her clothes are custom made or refitted to her bodytype anyway.

    Home planet - Vulquwera

    Profession - Brewery / Owner's assistant / Misc. Worker

    Hobbies - Alex hasn't have many hobbies, and while she enjoys the ones she has... she's still not very skilled in any of them. She doesn't have particular drive or skill, but rather enjoys the progress in a day-to day basis. Alex is keen to try out different crafts, but prefers old-fashioned sculpting to the more accurate 3d-modeling. She's also recently taken up guitar playing.

    Personality - Alex is generally a happy and social personality. She likes people and finds it easy to gather round a group of people and make new friends, spending the night chatting and generally having fun. Sometimes she seems to know everyone, or at least knows someone else who knows the person you seek.

    She dislikes being alone, and generally seeks company. When she's alone, it seems like she's chatting to someone already about a new meeting. When really left alone she's quiet and quite... boring. She doesn't have many strong opinions, dreams or deep feelings, but sucks up a lot of impressions from around her.

    As a friend she is chatty, loyal, understanding and sometimes a bit too cheery.

    History - Alex lived at a Vulquweran small community all of her childhood. The community didn't have much space, anad when she heard of an opportunity to be a part of a new business enterprise on Lux she took the opportunity gladly. She already had the training for the job, so why not? Besides, her siblings would have a better life and opportunities on the vast spaceship of Lux than on some small brewery community in the middle of nowhere.

    The brewery on Lux has only a few other employees on top of Alex and her siblings, and they work in conjunction with a supplying farmer on Lux. The brewery mostly makes beer, but is equipped for winemaking as well. If Lux only had a grapefarmer, and the ingredients wouldn't have to be bought from the planets...

    pictures - ronnie92/DA

    Looking for:
    Siblings: (5 max)

    Boss: (Will be npc)

    Ample Anrüs - Knows ecause makes deliveries to the bar she works in
    Rena (last name in progress- Close friends and sees her at the bar sometimes when bringing deliveries.

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