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    Raogi : representing France on Lux !


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    Raogi : representing France on Lux !

    Post by Raogi on 02.01.13 15:42

    Lux' French teddy bear
    Open minded commissioner
    Innocent weirdo ~

    And sometimes, a copycat.

    Nickname: Raogi or Pedro
    Born: 1985

    Gaming preferences:
    One to three paragraphs at start, then more if there's a feeling. I can write very little like I can write a lot, so I'll try to adapt myself to the other players / characters.


    • Loves animals
    • Dream of a finnish harem
    • Enjoys playing Final Fantasy XI
    • Major fan of Evangelion
    • Favorite dish is a pepper sauce steak with a tian
    • Graduated from engineering school in 2010.
    • Single and ready to hug =3

    Current status: Engineer

    Between light and darkness, there is no good nor evil : just you, yourself and your shadow.

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