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    DieSonnenkind- A newbie


    DieSonnenkind- A newbie

    Post by DieSonnenkind on 02.01.13 14:32

    I'm Sonnen and I'm so new to the roleplaying world it's not even funny, though I was told me application to this site was pretty good for a noob.

    I'm a female born to the US in 1994 and though English is my first (and only fluent) language, I have a terrible habit of misspelling words and grammar wasn't my strongest subject in school so you'll definitely see some oops posts from me.

    Since I'm new to rping I don't have a preference to length or pace or anything like that but I tend to be a little long winded if I know what I'm talking about but I can be flexible to anyone's likes/needs to each game.

    I hope to improve quickly and efficiently in my skills here and I can't wait to get started in all the fun!

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    Re: DieSonnenkind- A newbie

    Post by MB on 03.01.13 0:01

    Oh, hello there! Welcome to Lux, I hope you'll have a good time in here. Feel free to start a game with the other peeps in here ;D

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