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    Malet Notkot


    Malet Notkot

    Post by Tindessa on 31.12.12 14:38

    Name: Malet Iskall Notkot
    Age: 24
    Species: Bison and Bull

    Home planet: Wera
    Employment: Bouncer and Guard if needed

    Appearance: Malet is strongly built, muscular and hardheaded. He has dark hair and silverish blue eyes.

    Personality: Malet is kind, thoughtful and honest. He takes his job seriously, but still with ease. He doesn't like to babble too much.

    History: Malet was born in Wera as an only child. His childhood was not easy, beacuse his parents wished for a daughter. Malet grew up under pressure, but didn't see that as a problem. He wasn't the most intellectual or social, but he got along with people. When he reached his teens he moved together with his friend, because his parents pressured him to political life which he wasn't interested in. Malet was always interested in nightlife, since everyone is more chilled at that time.
    One night Malet was going to club with his friends when the bouncer was needed inside, when he noticed Malet and saw his body structure. Boucner then thought that Malet could be capable of covering while he was away. Malet ended up making an impression on the club's owner and got a job at the club. Malet got used to local gangfights via this work. He felt like he never belonged anywhere, but didn't feel bad about it.

    Malet wanted to go see other planets and heard about spacehip Lux. He found a job at Lux as a bouncer. His family didn't actually care that he left.

    Extra: He has sharp hear and smell sense.
    He suffers from chronic itching in his back.
    He has a secret passion for mudbaths.
    He is really fast when needed.
    His real hair color is platinum blond.
    He has a ring piercing in his nose which he hides.
    His goal is to find a place where enjoys to live.

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