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    Laxua Namakin


    Laxua Namakin

    Post by CodeRaurus on 31.12.12 6:39

    Name: Laxua Namakin
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Species: Aptenodytes patagonicus aka the King Penguin
    Home planet: Margas
    Employment: Janitor at several bars in Entertainment District (one employer)

    Laxua is topaz-eyed ,around 160cm tall. His structure is bulky, giving him
    suprisingly fierce looks. Despite that, he looks pretty relaxed and easy-going
    person. His beak looks like he's slightly grinning or smiling.

    He's commonly seen with his custom uniform which is
    made by his siblings: cyan cap and sleeveless robe. In addition, he made turqoise goggles and belt buckle attached to thick, brown cloth by himself.
    The belt hangs loosely on his waist. It makes him feel more comfortable.

    Laxua uses turqoise, custom-made gauntlets connected to his nerves, allowing him better grip and control on various stuff.

    Laxua is a responsible hard-worker. He mainly focuses all his strenght and spirit to his work. Being a margasian, it isn't a surprise. He has sharp eyes, detecting even smallest details in a person or a group. He has ability to give his message through them, if he has to. Although he gives
    it all to his work, he doesn't want to be "caged" to one place and he seems to have found inner peace in fluctuating working areas.

    Since Laxua comes from a tribe, he finds himself pretty lonely, despite the fact he talks to many people on bars' frontdoors and even chitchats about daily lives of customers. He wants to find people he can call his"tribesmen."

    Laxua doesn't want to get violent but in case it appears to be the only solution
    he has a lot of experience on brawls and hand-to-hand combat. At that time, the opponents ought to be careful, otherwise they could have nightmares for months.


    Laxua has lived his whole life in the south pole of Margas with his tribe community. The community consists of about twenty different tribes, each having
    hundreds of inviduals. Laxua shared his apartment in Margas with his five younger siblings and three parents.

    Family has always been dear to Laxua. There was this one time, when he babysitted two of his brothers. It was early spring and there were melted places here and there. At the time they were playing outside, near a strongly flowing river. Laxua passed a ball a bit too high for his brother to catch it. The younger brother did try to reach it anyways and jumped backwards. He did get the ball but after rolling backwards to get on his feet again he tumbled over a rock and fell into the cold water. Normally that wouldn't be a problem for anyone from the tribe, but the brother wasn't at the age yet, when the fur gets big and muscles strong enough to endure such a trial. So he sank under the water. Laxua dived after him right away, but the current was too strong for him to see clearly enough.

    The brother went missing for few days. Everyone was worried he might have died. That, fortunately, wasn't the case. A middle-aged couple from other tribe had found him lying on the river coast, frozen almost to death. They had called the medics and after help was there, they focused on finding boy's parents.

    The younger brother stayed in critical condition for days, but he recovered after few months.
    Laxua took that hard for himself, though. He kept apologizing for weeks and most likely even today blames himself for the accident. Tribesmen think it was because of this Laxua began to
    take care of his tribe more than was needed and thus he was able to climb up to the ranks of the captain in the Security Unit he was working for. He also started to do construction work as a part-timer. He was encouraged by his family, and the younger brother, to board the ship, Lux, to find his own destiny and to ensure the safety of others aboard.

    And you can count on him to do his work properly.
    Even if it would cost his life.


    ..likes everything which tastes like fish..
    ..except anything which is fish and fish only.
    ..likes the smell of cigarettes.
    ..dislikes dishonest personalities.

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