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    Eltharrion - writer of worlds


    Eltharrion - writer of worlds

    Post by Eltharrion on 22.12.12 12:57

    So, Eltharrion (or Elhvir or Elth or dozen other names I use around internet) here.
    Responsible for our messed-up planets and such, and takes great pride in them.

    Active roleplayer in many formats (forums, tabletop, console games, LARP, real-time text etc. etc.), and will talk your ears off if asked a thing about something I'm interested of. Which is a whole fractured mirror-like net of chaos if you ask me.

    Male, born early 1991, lives in Finland.

    For games, I personally enjoy two to four paragraphs long posts. Adding flavor to the text is good, but one should always stay true to the point.
    As a nerd without any real life, one can expect fast posting from me. Specially if the game is running on smoothly without any long breaks.

    Fluent skills in english, though it's not my native and thus sometimes I still need the dictionary when meeting a word I've never used before.
    Anyway, let's have a roll on this, shall we?

    I am the "who" when you call "who's there?"
    I am the wind blowing through your hair.



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