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    JA25 - magnificent bastard


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    JA25 - magnificent bastard

    Post by JA25 on 15.12.12 12:35

    A moderator of epic abilities. (none)
    A man of peerless might. (nerd)
    Intelligent and charming. (cocky and irritating)

    And from here to eternity, known as the laziest person ever to moderate this site.

    JA25, cordially introducing my ever-so entertaining self.

    So... Yeah. I guess that's all.


    Real name: Classifiedd
    Age: Classifiedd

    Looks: Excellent

    Personality: Astonishing

    In summary: A slightly irritating person with a heart of gold and massive soft spot for everything cute and cuddly.

    I am an alchemist. You are not. Neener neener.

    Volod Stasilen
    Rawk Heuressein

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