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    Syla Radyr


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    Syla Radyr

    Post by MB on 14.12.12 5:21

    Name: Syla Radyr "Kitty"

    Age: 27

    Gender: female

    Race: Tiger

    Home Planet: Wera

    Syla is quite shy, but direct in her endeavors. She knows what she wants and is eager to pursue her own intentions, and attempts to keep herself separate from her offline persona "Kitty". Personal preferences have taught her to be wary of other people, but her confidence online leads to an interesting mix of assurance and submissiveness.
    "Kitty" (Syla) plays the role of a classy seductress. She flirts and makes her assets wideely known, but restrains herself from action. When personal, she's straightforward and often quite dominative. She does love her followers, and often gives out freebies for long-time subscribers.

    Employment: Freelance bbw model. She works through the Lux network, with her very own little site where she sells everything from pictures to peronalized videos. Juicy! Despite the temptation to do so, she doesn't accept dates online, as she wants to keep that side of her professional. Rumor goes, however, that she is looking for photoshoot friends...male and female.

    Appearance: Syla is a 168 cm tall lady who accentuates, but never gives out the numbers about her weight. In truth it varies quite wildly. She has a full pear shape and has learned to love it.

    She has the very distinctive Tiger fur pattern, with some dark stripes all over her body, but mostly on her back, face and the "outer" sides of her limbs. The pattern also includes white fur on her eyelids, under her arms and a larger batch going from her jaw down to in between her legs... almost hitting her knees on the inside and most definitely her ass.

    Her hair is an almost white blonde and only a few shades darker than the white on her fur. Syla's eyes are a greenish blue. She also has four little stubby fingers on each of her hands and three little toes on each foot.

    Syla is also suprisingly fit and healthy in comparison to her appearance. Her job occasionally requires quite a bit of stamina, so it isn't uncommon to see her working out... but not to lose weight - only to gain more strenght and stamina. picture

    History: Syla was born on Wera, and was a particularily disobedient child. She would always question why she or her parents had to do the things their higherups asked and often ended up disobeying direct orders - though never when it truely mattered. Sadly this was enough to make her shunned and quite unliked.

    This lead directly to her looking praise and friendship outside the boundaries of reality and from the virtual world. There she could spend most her time as herself without the burden of her parents. As Syla grew this activity became more and more common and she became more and more mature.

    Spending most of her teenage years in and around the internet, Syla found out about the inside circles of the bbw world... and quickly found herself participating more and more. As she - and her size - grew, so did her fanbase. Slowly she reached financial stability through bbw modeling and custom videos and moved out to her own place.

    This started a stormy time in her life... consisting mainly of dating and creating more material for her personal bbw site. She doesn't like to talk about this time, but it's fairly easy to guess she got hurt quite badly.

    As she moved to Lux, she had no ties to the physical world...and hadn't yet dabbled on adult material.

    It's a time for a change.

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    Re: Syla Radyr

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    Game timeline (from first to latest)
    A Different kind of tension
    The first day Syla has on Lux, and an encounter with Sola.

    Hyena meets Tiger
    Syla has just finished her job gig of the day and meets up Stasi for the first time. This is during her first week in Lux.

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    Re: Syla Radyr

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