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    Character Introduction Guidelines


    Character Introduction Guidelines

    Post by Ginka on 12.12.12 8:01

    You should follow these guidelines when posting your character introduction on the forum.

    • Create a new topic with only your character's first and last name.

    • Post all info from your character application to the topic excluding roleplaying sample and other unnecessary info.

    • You may post two additional messages to the topic, no more. Second post should include a game timeline including links to your current and previous games. Third post is your character gallery where you can show all fanart etc. available of your character.

    • Remember that any images posted must not be larger than 500x500 pixels or contain mature material.

    • If you're hesitating go ahead and browse other introductions already posted.

    • When you wish to dump a character inform staff and they will move it to inactive characters. From that point onward your character can be used just like an NPC could.

    All introductions should have the following information:

      Home planet:

      Current date/time is 19.01.19 16:58