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    Ginka - admin introduces


    Ginka - admin introduces

    Post by Ginka on 24.11.12 7:10

    Lux' creator and admin,
    open minded artist,
    innocent pervert~

    Nickname: Ginka (also Ginkaa, Ginkkis, Ginka-chan + other variables)
    Born: 1992

    Gaming preferences: One to three paragraphs. Just enough but not too much to comprehend and answer to. I enjoy intimate games that are slightly or a lot perverted. I'm not one to answer on daily basis but at least once a week is more credible. English is not my native language so don't expect my writing to be that fluent. I don't mind your grammar or spelling as long as I understand what you are trying to tell so basically anyone who got their application accepted is good enough for me.

    • Loves animals (has a dog, 3 gerbils and an aquarium).
    • Has a Mountain Dew addiction.
    • Enjoys cartoons and animated movies.
    • Major fan of Pokémon.
    • Favorite food is sushi. Likes seafood a lot.
    • Graduated from art school 2012.
    • Asji's partner <3

    Current status: Freelance Artist and Karaoke Host

      Current date/time is 19.01.19 17:36