Welcome all new players! Feel free to start playing. If you see anything odd or out of place please be so kind and inform staff about it.




    Post by Ginka on 07.11.12 0:17

    You have just registered and gained access to Lux' forum. Here are few things to do before starting our journey.

    1. Read the Rulebook. This is crucial to know how things are handled around here.

    2. Post your character presentation. Player Characters -> Proper category and a new topic where you post all info available of your character.

    3. Update your profile. Add your avatar, signature and additional information about yourself.

    4. Find out in which cabin your character is staying. This can be found from Cabin Distribution. If your character doesn't show on the list contact the admin.

    5. Get to know other players. We welcome everyone to this community and encourage you to participate in casual conversation as well.

    6. Make questions. If you don't understand something or there's anything you need to know, we're happy to help you with it. Preferably make yourself heard in the Q&A area where our staff will do their best to give you the answer you need.

    7. Start your first game! Check if anyone is looking for company in the Game Planning department. You can start a game and let anyone join or look for a game that might take new players.

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