Welcome all new players! Feel free to start playing. If you see anything odd or out of place please be so kind and inform staff about it.




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    Please read all these rules carefully. If something is unclear please ask the staff.

    1. General Behaviour
    2. Roleplaying
    3. Graphics
    4. Cabins
    5. Plots
    6. Player Challenge
    7. Non-Player Characters

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    1. General Behaviour

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    1) Let's treat each and everyone with respect. Bullying is prohibited!

    2) Let's leave curses to a minimum in off-game conversations.

    3) It is advised to send messages that are at least few sentences long.

    4) Spamming or in other words sending multiple messages in a row is not allowed. If you have something to add to your previous message please use the "edit" button.

    5) Spelling should appear somewhat clean. Use capitals when starting a sentence and put periods to their right places. Please consider that all players are not native speakers and the purpose is to write understandable text.

    6) You aren't allowed to practice any form of profitable business on this forum. You are allowed to mention if you for example take art commissions on another site but agree on any arrangements outside of Lux.

    Never claim to be someone you're not.

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    2. Roleplaying

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    1) Power-playing meaning you control another's character without their permission. You can never make someone else to do something. Every action while roleplaying is an attempt whether trying to hit someone or just wanting them to listen to you.

    2) Godmodding in other words your character is invincible. No character can always dodge or always succeed on everything.

    3) Metagaming is knowing things that your character couldn't possibly know. If your character hasn't heard of it in-game then he/she can't possibly know it even if you as a player have read it somewhere. Don't be a mind-reader.

    4) Roleplaying happens in third person past tense written like a short story. We advice to follow grammar as close as possible excluding speech if it fits the character. Remember that roleplaying includes describing surroundings and your characters thoughts as well as your characters speech and actions.

    5) When roleplaying you should write your character's speech between "" marks. Regular describing doesn't require any notes but thoughts should be in italic.

    6) You should always consider asking a permission before joining a game unless somewhere it states that it is okay to join. If you want to ask permission to join a game you should do it via private message or ask about it in Game Planning.

    7) Playing with another player's character is forbidden! However you can use any non-player-character as they don't belong to just one player.

    Game message length should be at least one decent length paragraph including several sentences. 2-5 paragraphs is a great length but you can do more just don't start writing a novel. Spend some time getting to know other players and their preferred playing style, message length and playing speed.

    9) You can play mature content on Lux but be sure to mark the topic with [R] so no one who doesn't want to read mature content doesn't get lost to your topic.

    10) No one can be in two places at once. You can have several games ongoing at the same time with one character as long as you can be active in all of them and you know where they place in a timeline.

    11) When a game ends it should be stated clearly in the last message so staff can lock it. Same should be done if a game ends beforehand. Remember to notify other players if you want to end a game.

    12) Do not press "send" before you have copied the text. Your account might have logged out itself and you will lose all what you have written if that happens. This shouldn't happen if you check "log automatically in".

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    3. Graphics

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    3.1. Avatar and signature

    Avatar is the image showing up below your username and it should measure exactly 100x100px. Not smaller or larger but precisely that size. Your avatar can't show any mature content. Please avoid using an avatar that is disturbingly animated. Use good taste.

    Do not use different sized fonts in your signature. You are allowed to change the color or bold the text etc. Your signature may include pictures with total maximum size of 70x500px.

    We highly suggest you to link all your characters in your signature.

    3.2. Posting a picture

    Maximum size when posting a picture on the forum is 500x500px. If the file is big or you don't know how to resize it use a link instead. Mature content must ALWAYS be linked with a mature warning included.

    3.3. Editing text

    Please avoid modifying text excessively. Do not change the font and resize text only when there's no other options. Instead of making the text bigger prefer bolding. Because the forum background is dark we use light font colors. Default font color is white. For additional text effect use primarily "cyan" color. For more effect use the color "orange". Avoid using unnecessary line breaks.

    3.4. Smileys

    Lux' forum has disabled smileys. This removes all graphic smileys and may automatically remove non-graphic smileys so try to end your sentences properly. If the forum automatically removes a smiley it leaves an empty space which may make your text difficult to understand.

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    4. Cabins

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    1) All passengers on Lux stay in a cabin located in the living district. A basic cabin has room for four passengers.

    2) Lux has special cabins for couples and families. These cabins are reserved for married couples and families with children to take care of. Dating someone doesn't give you the right for a family cabin. When applying for Lux everyone has had a chance to ask for a cabin with someone for example a relative. Every cabin however is filled to the max.

    3) It is possible to change cabins for a good reason. If so please contact the staff.

    4) All regular cabins are filled with four (4) passengers so no one has a cabin to themselves for a long time. Cabins are filled evenly in the order passengers arrive.

    5) Who you will be staying with is determined by chance. Eventually all your cabin mates are revealed when Lux gets more passengers. All NPC's are staying in cabins as well.

    Learn in which cabin your character is staying at here.

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    5. Plots and Progress

    Post by Ginka on 06.11.12 11:13

    5.1. Participating In the Main Plot

    As everyone knows Lux is supposed to be on a peaceful mission through the galaxy without intruding other civilizations. Lux' main plot states that at some point the captain starts to show signs of other plans. Word gets out. People talk and choose their side. Captain chooses to ignore Lux' main purpose and go after riches and fame while intruding already inhabited planets. Will he succeed or can the rebellion overpower him and his followers?

    You participate in the plot whenever you talk or act either for or against it. You can be the head of the mutiny or just a supporter in the background. We want the plot to progress with the players actions' and their characters' choices as much as possible. The Lux staff will do their part mostly through GM strikes.

    5.2. Participating In Subplots

    Subplots are something to do especially for those who aren't participating in the main plot as much. Any Subplot can be aimed towards a certain group or to all passengers and requires some sort of reacting while playing. Whenever there is a subplot in progress there will be an announcement. Subplots can be anything from a mysterious disease to a broken ventilation.

    5.3. GM Strikes

    GM or Game Master is a person who controls NPCs and surroundings. When a GM posts a message stating for example that the lights go off, it is called a GM strike. A GM may do anything from moving around NPC's to stopping an elevator due malfunction. The main purpose for GM strikes is to support the main plot but also to make games more unpredictable and interesting. Any administrator or staff member may perform a GM strike at any time. Here's an example of a simple GM strike:

      GM STRIKE: The lights go off and it is now pitch black.

    5.4. Character Progress

    It is allowed and even encouraged to have character progress. This could be your character raising in rank, getting a promotion, changing careers, getting married, having children or perhaps a nervous breakdown. All is possible within reasonable limits and it is perhaps best to check from staff before promoting your character to the top. All progress should also be played and by playing you could earn the possibility to a promotion that staff otherwise wouldn't want you to have. Time does pass while on Lux just like it would in earth years. However your characters won't age until a time skip is declared.

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    6. Player Challenge

    Post by Ginka on 06.11.12 11:15

    1) When looking for gaming company with any method, you can include a player challenge to the other player in your message, be it either an open post or a PM to that player.

    2) A player challenge is meant as a method to make game richer in flavor, and can be very simple and easy or complex and time-consuming one. Person being challenged is not required to accept the challenge and can decline it at will. Declining a challenge does not affect gaming in any way.
    If you are challenged, you are allowed to hand out a counter-challenge to your gaming partner, who is required to take the challenge. So, if you challenge someone, you should prepare to accept a challenge in return.

    3) There should not be any possible harm to other player's character (unless they wish to play in a way that their character gets harmed), thus challenges should not be too difficult or threatening and any possible counter-challenges should be on equal difficulty as the original challenge.

    4) Challenge examples: a) Your character is tired for some reason. Play accordingly. b) Your character has a sore throat or has lost his voice momentarily for some other reason. Why? Play accordingly.

    5) If you ever accept a challenge, you must change your play style and situation to adapt into that challenge. Each challenge should also be explained during the game. Maybe your character couldn't sleep due to partying or coffee machine was broken in the morning?

    6) Any challenges there are should be written in the first post of the game.

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    7. Non-Player Characters

    Post by Ginka on 06.11.12 11:16

    7.1. What's a non-player character?

    Non-player character, or shortened NPC, is a character that can have some impact on the story. NPCs on Lux are created like normal characters, with description, background and possible objectives on the ship. What differs them from normal characters is that they aren't tied to single player, but instead can be used by any player in their game (along the lines original creator of the character has outlined), unless specifically stated otherwise.

    7.2. How and when can I use an NPC?

    You may use NPC any time it feels appropriate when you're also playing one of your main characters. The NPC is only meant to add more flavor to the game, and thus can't replace the player characters in the spotlight. NPC might the bartender who serves your drink or some playboy that makes a move towards you. Remember however that these appearances should always be reasonable, and not just pop out of nowhere.

    7.3. How can I create these NPCs?

    Everyone is allowed to create NPCs as they see fit, specially if you think it would be nice to have some named character in specific job on the ship and want to share this character with other players. NPC creation is followed like normal character creation, but you don't need to specifically approve the NPC on the admin or staff before posting it if the character isn't controversial. It's always good idea to add some playing tips of the character to the end of your post.

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