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    D'ialá Yvenies


    D'ialá Yvenies

    Post by Ginka on 21.10.12 8:05

    Name: D'ialá Yvenies
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Species: Squirrel
    Home planet: Wera
    Employment: General Communications

    Appearance: D'ialá's fur is completely white and she is an albino. This means she has red eyes and her nose is somewhat pinkish. D'ialá has shoulder length white hair with a pink stripe. She tends to comb her hair to one side and curl the tips slightly. Her body type is well proportioned, not too thin and she stands 182cm tall. She loves neon colors and uses them a lot when choosing accessories. Her clothes are usually simple but creative with a twist. As she has dyed her hair a little D'ialá usually paints her nails as well.

    Personality: Quite open, bubbly and interesting person with a lot of stuff to speak about, especially about her personal favorite, fashion. Her background in the nightlife of Wera shows strongly, as she's a lot more open in her speech than most people around her parts. D'ialá's one of those communicators and phone ladies who can easily talk with you about anything. She has, however, a bad habit of thinking about too many things at the same time and loosing the focus on job at hand. She might start commenting about your hairstyle in the middle of an interview, for example, only to remember few seconds later that she was supposed to do her work.

    Background: D'ialá was raised in mid-class family quite near one of the more wild parts of the Wera. Sharing their small home with her parents and an older brother, she grew up to a normal Wera-styled life of tight schedule, first studying to be a fashion designer but slowly turning away that dream of childhood as she was hired to be a secretary.

    Living close to one of the "non-lawful areas" of Wera, it's no wonder D'ialá was introduced to bit more wild lifestyle as she rolled into higher school grades. Tough boys would tell about times how they ventured into the bordered areas of gangs, drug-dealers and whatnot. And sometimes they would bring souvenirs with them, in form of "party pills" as they called them. Well, whatever that stuff was, it worked well, and parties around their school and later companies started to liven' up nicely.

    It didn't take long for D'ialá's boss to notice her in the parties as the out-going one that gained the good kind of attention. From there, it was just a quick step to ask her company him in the parties. Naturally D'ialá knew what this kind of offer would mean in the eyes of others, but she accepted it anyway as the rise was too nice to pass.

    This kind of life as party mistress of her boss didn't last long, though, as a request came from higher up in the company. Apparently some project named "Lux" requested good workers in different aspects and areas of specialties, and communications & information control was one of them. Although it broke his heart, D'ialá's boss had to recommend her as she was of top-notch still, and thus one day D'ialá woke up to get a message stating that her contract was denounced and she was directed to apply on Lux. Naturally the company paid her quite a lot, but this was still something she wasn't prepared for. Though, as day or two passed, the idea of getting to party with multicultural people began to make idea of working in space a lot more intriguing. And thus, after the applications and tests, she stepped on-board of the ship as it arrived on Wera.

    • Lives in cabin number 8.
    • Loves high heels.

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