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    Artificial gravity problems


    Artificial gravity problems

    Post by Eltharrion on 30.03.13 10:06

    Very well, this is a "sub-plot" notification to all of you playing around at current time.

    The following message has been sent throughout the LUX:
    "Announcement to all passengers of LUX.
    Due to sudden malfunction in power controlling units of ship's hull, personnel might experience sudden and chaotic changes in ship's internal artificial gravity. Technology- and repair-teams have been dispatched to solve this problem. While no life-threatening situations shouldn't occur, everyone is recommended to take note of following lines:

    -In case the gravity field of the area you are in increases suddenly, please avoid excess movement and settle down on your back, if possible. In case that you are in open hallway or in space that is too limited for lying down, settle down sitting into a corner and try to place as much of your body weight against the structure as possible. Avoid standing, walking or moving objects, as your body isn't designed to withstand possible forces these actions may cause. If gravity is increased by five times, falling from mere knee high is capable of breaking your bones.

    -If the gravity field changes direction to one of the walls or roof, do not panic. Avoid moving objects or flipping them around according to current temporal gravity field. In case that gravity has pulled you to a wall, try to reach floor area as soon as possible to minimize your falling distance once gravity sets back to normal. If you are pulled to ceiling, try to position yourself above cushioning (bed, sofa, plants) or elevation position (tables or drawers) to minimize possible injuries from gravity returning to normal.

    -In case you are experiencing 'two-direction gravity field' (two gravity fields pulling you from opposite direction) and thus experience lower gravity or even zero-gravity, once again avoid excess movement and try to position yourself close to the floor. In case of zero-G, person's movement and control are extremely difficult without proper training, and one's rotational and movement speed can increase tremendously, causing huge risk of accidents. Do not move any objects if possible, as they can easily cause structural or personal damage once gravity returns to normal."

    In short, gravity is acting weirdly inside the ship. This is a sub-plot you can (and are recommended) to use in your normal games at will. Any technician players can freely start games for repairing the mentioned problem in the system, but as it is whole ship including problem, taking care of it will take time.

    Also, there'll be a game I'll start soon meant specifically for this subplot. Anyone is free to join, specially after I've posted the initial starter.

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